Our year in Wrapping

Wrap a Word by Satu Kivelä

Our Cross Wrap sales team is packing their bags for last World Tour trip for the year 2015 that will be Ecomondo Show in Rimini Italy on 3rd till 6th of November. Now it is a good time to run through our 7 event World Tour of this year and wrap a word or few about it.

Wood industry in Hannover, Germany

Our World Tour this year began from Hannover Ligna Wood Industry show in May. In this show we had an interesting global view to board industry and the market opportunities. Although customers are still in challenging economic situations in most of the markets, they make a lot of future plans to acquire new technologies in order to improve their efficiency. We at Cross Wrap have served the customers in these future plans with designing and developing our Board Packaging Lines for MDF, plywood and veneer with new features creating more cost savings, environmental advantage in saving the packing materials, high rate of automation and as a result the most efficient package for their valuable products.

Waste Technology in Moscow and Mexico

At the end of May our Sales Teams were participating to the Waste Tech show in Moscow. We also attended as part of President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö´s business delegation in Mexico. In Moscow we proudly presented our waste wrapper deliveries to the Sochi Olympics. Both of these developing waste markets in Mexico and Russia are now looking for new waste management technologies as their cities grow. They need to re-evaluate their waste management plans since open landfills near cities and in sub-urban areas have to be closed.

Cross Wrap concepts for baling, wrapping and shipping the waste further from the towns where the final destination is a dry landfill. A dry landfill concept gives an opportunity to take these valuable raw materials up again and use them as alternative fuel in Waste to Energy plants and  saving fossil fuels. We have reference sites in Mexico where different waste materials are baled and wrapped for transportation and storing as well as for waste to energy use. After a very busy week in the Mexico City we were thrilled of business potential there as well as Mexican hospitality and great Mexican food.

Dry Landfill Concept in Las Vegas Expo

From Mexico City we continued our tour to Waste Expo Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. We continued a discussion with our Mexican customers in Las Vegas, since they arrived to update their information with newest innovations in waste management. The US waste management is full of future promises and the experts of Cross Wrap are sharing our knowledge regarding the dry landfill concept and waste to energy solutions to our contacts there.

Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo in Melbourne

AWRE trade show in Melbourne Australia invited the sales team on August. Cross Wrap did enter to Australia few years ago and have now the wrappers running there with different waste materials. Australian customers are very interested in SRF (solid recovered fuel), RDF (refuse-derived fuel) production to be used as alternative fuel instead of fossil fuels. Also open landfills offer opportunities for our waste bale wrappers.

Resource Efficiency and Waste Management Solutions in United Kingdom 

United Kingdom is a promised land for RDF and SRF. RWM Birmingham exhibition was the busiest show this year. Having more than 65 machines working with RDF and SRF and other waste materials in the UK, we did meet the existing customers and the new contacts.  We were also happy to present our new Regional Manager Dean Barker to our customers. Dean is bringing a lot of experience with him after working with Bollegraaf for many years. Customers as well as our partners were excited for the first CW 2200 Direct Wrapper that was delivered and commissioned in the UK by Blue Machinery in August.

Cross Wrap RWM Birmingham Waste bale wrapping and management solutions

Brazil is looking for waste solutions in Summer Olympics 2016

RWM Sao Paulo in late September offered the sales team possibility to update our ongoing project in Brazilian waste market. We have the waste wrappers running in Brazil and we were gathering experience from this very promising market, where the rapidly growing waste stream is an everyday challenge. It is very likely that forthcoming Summer Olympics in Rio 2016 will grow the waste stream even more.

Wrapping up the World Tour in Italy

And now back to last exhibition in Cross Wrap World Tour 2015. The beautiful town of Rimini in Italy is waiting us. The Ecomondo show will start on 3rd of November. With some latest deliveries to Italy this year the newest technology is presented there as well. We have great expectations regarding this event to update our latest RDF and SRF wrapping and bale opening technology information to our existing customer and new contacts as well. Having more than 30 waste bale wrappers running in Italy today, we are excited to meet the real experts in our business – our customers to tell us their future wishes.

The Cross Wrap World Tour 2015 included seven exhibitions around the globe spanning from Moscow, Russia to Sao Paulo, Brazil. We learned that there is a huge demand on good reliable machinery. We believe that we can do something useful with the growing waste stream. If not preventing the waste to generate but at least to use it as a raw material for waste based fuels. We should utilize waste in environmentally safer way. After all, waste is a good source of energy.

Satu Kivelä


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Our year in wrapping

Now it is a good time to run through our 7 event World Tour of this year and wrap a word or few about it.