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Paal Dokon and CW2200


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Impetus chose Cross Wrap for its quality product, excellent reputation and value for money

Phil Lord, operations director, Impetus Waste Management, explains the role that Cross Wrap products play in the waste management company’s operations Impetus is a North East-based total waste management business operating four material recycling facilities, one non-hazardous landfill, one hazardous landfill, the largest open windrow compost facility in the UK as well as a fleet of articulated 44-tonne walking floor trailers. The company is very much a processing business working for the waste management industry and we believe in processing materials that have been delivered and collected from other waste management companies. The company has grown rapidly, particularly over the last couple of years, having started from humble beginnings with one landfill. The company now has 120 staff and turns over approximately £50m per annum.

Tell us a bit about the new facility you are in the process of commissioning? How will this improve the services you offer?

Our recently built New North Tees material recycling facility is a state-of-the-art processing facility. Occupying 20 acres, the site has the latest technology to process and manufacture in excess of 1,500 tonnes per day of municipal solid waste along with industrial and commercial wastes. Operating 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, the site is licensed and permitted to process 600,000 tonnes of waste per annum.

What made you choose Cross Wrap as a supplier of stretch wrapping technology? What made them stand out from their competitors?

In order to keep up with the waste industry and commercial agreements, we first started to look at baling and wrapping technology three years ago. Having seen other wrapping lines, they did not seem robust enough for large volume throughputs. After observing Cross Wrap machines in operation, we spoke to many other waste companies to ascertain a true reflection of the operating and running costs of any such machine and the market feedback was exceptional; therefore we purchased our first machine in 2012. The CW 2200 wrapping line is robust and built for the purpose which, in our opinion, stands out from the crowd. While reviewing Cross Wrap and other manufacturers it became very apparent that Cross Wrap is very much the market leader and, although we expected to pay a premium, we found Cross Wrap to be very competitive in the marketplace.

In which capacity do you use the Cross Wrap technology?

We currently operate two wrappers and a bale opener line which I believe is the first in the UK. While many companies are now starting to offer wrapping technology, there are very few that allow you to actually reopen what has previously been wrapped – the Cross Wrap bale opener is far superior to anything else in the marketplace. By using wrapping lines we are able to export RDF (refuse-derived fuel) to other European countries for power generation; this typically offers a 25-10 per tonne saving on current landfill gate fees and offers a diversion from landfill. Without the use of wrappers, viable export wouldn’t be possible.

How easy is it to work with Cross Wrap, e.g. when it comes to servicing the machines?

Cross Wrap is always available over the telephone for technical guidance should it be required. While Cross Wrap is based in Finland, their English is fantastic and they have also successfully partnered with a UK company to hold stock and carry out routine servicing and maintenance.

When it comes to tearing resistance and tackiness, how does the Cross Wrap product fare?

Cross Wrap offers two film sizes, which are 500mm wide and 750mm wide, in a range of lengths. We currently operate the 750mm-width film on a 1,500-metre-long reel, which allows us to process approximately 21 bales before a changeover is required.

Are the Cross Wrap machines used at Impetus mobile or fixed?

They are fixed.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Cross Wrap and the impact it is making on your business?

Cross Wrap are very knowledgeable in their chosen field of wrappers and openers; they are friendly and always keen to help, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to prospective buyers.