Henry Blom


Henry Blom, Product Manager

“Automation improves work safety and increases production rates.”

I am a member of the commissioning team, and my job takes me to installation sites around the world. I am responsible for installation and supervision tasks. It is critical to organize and schedule all the necessary steps before the installation starts. After the installation, I must ensure that the machine is ready for production and that the machine users have received additional training.

In addition to that, commissioning requires project design by using computer-aided design tools. Internal teamwork and customer support are also part of my daily routines.

How would you describe Cross Wrap as a company?

Cross Wrap has a long history in machine manufacturing and its employees are highly competent. As a company Cross Wrap is extremely flexible in all its operations. We always ensure that we match our customers’ requirements, for example in layout designs. Being able to see the concrete results of my input when a project is finished makes me a happy employee.

What are the most important benefits Cross Wrap’s customers get when buying Cross Wrap machinery?

Investing in new manufacturing technologies can bring clear advantages in terms of competitiveness and productivity. Investing in Cross Wrap machinery can help our customers modernize their operations.

Cross Wrap machines are fully automated. The advances in technology and automation have reduced the need for manual labor. Automation improves work safety and increases production rates.

In addition, Cross Wrap machines offer data about the operations and total production. The data is available in the form of reports and may be useful for analysis.

What are your favorite things to do when not creating industry leading machinery and world-class customer experience?

Work takes me around the world. Usually, my business trips are one or two weeks long, and the schedule is tight. This lifestyle can be both interesting and challenging, but all in all, it gives me a lot of good memories, friends, and experiences that I would not otherwise have.

After arriving back in my beautiful hometown Kuopio, I enjoy my own space and spending time with people I love. It feels great to be home after a long trip.

In a nutshell

Name: Henry Blom

Title: Product manager

Responsbile for projects in Europe and Asia

Keywords for my work: Engineering, Customer service, Being in middle of action

Working with Cross Wrap since 2016

My message for CW customers: “Do it right, wrap it tight!”

My passions on my free time: enjoying time at home after work trips

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