Cross Wrap Bale Dewiring in USA

USA based plastic recycling company CarbonLITE has now two automatic Cross Wrap Bale Dewiring machines running and a third one delivered.


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Now that the machines are in operation and we are gaining all the positive effects from automatic CW Dewiring we are happy to implement this solution also on our third site at Reading Mr. Vijendra Siddhi, CarbonLITE´s vice president of engineering, comments.


CarbonLITE is one of the largest PET recycling companies in the USA and the largest producer of food-grade Post-consumer Recycled PET in the world. The company was founded by Mr. Leon Farahnik – a plastics entrepreneur with a long history in the plastic business. The company has two large state-of-the-art PET recycling facilities, that process more than seven billion plastic bottles annually.

The company philosophy is based on the idea of Bottle-to-Bottle recycling. The fine idea is to convert used plastic bottles made of PET back into a plastic resin, which is then used to make new bottles. This operation is called a closed-loop system that allows for sustainable consumption because resources are reused without degrading the environment.

CarbonLITE´s recycling operations are truly specialized to PET as it can be recycled numerous times. The plastic resin can be used to manufacture bottles, food containers, carpets, and clothing. The use of recycled PET reduces greenhouse gases and helps to preserve resources while providing a cost-effective and high-quality solution to packaging.


CarbonLITE updated their PET-plastic material infeed, where they used recycled PET-material is received and handled in a baled form. Previously their PET recycling line began by manually removing the metal wires from dense and heavy PET-plastic bales, which was time-consuming and posed a risk for employees. This operation was improved by shifting to use Cross Wrap´s automatic CW Dewiring machine. The automation of bale dewiring improved the bale infeed and increased the working safety of CarbonLITE.

CarbonLITE´s raw infeed material consists of tightly baled and metal wire tied PET-bottle bales. These bales are mostly longitudinally tied, tall, slim, and heavy. These bale specifications resulted in a tall frame CW Dewiring machine which enables CarbonLITE to open various size bales automatically and effectively.

As Cross Wrap started to engineer and deliver the first bale Dewiring machine for CarbonLITE the company also placed a second order for another Dewiring machine for a different plant location. The whole project was carried out through 2018 and 2019 and the Dewiring machines started their operations at CarbonLITE´s Riverside and Dallas plants by the end of June 2019.

– This upgrade was a great undertaking for our company as it was also for Cross Wrap. They did offer exceptional service throughout the project and they listened and committed to our needs in order to make this project happen. Now that the machines are in operation and we are gaining all the positive effects from automatic CW Dewiring we are happy to implement this solution also on our third site at Reading Mr. Vijendra Siddhi, CarbonLITE´s vice president of engineering, comments.


CarbonLITE gained direct benefits from the automatic CW Dewiring to their bale wire removing and material infeed process. The safety of operators is now drastically improved and there is no longer need for any manual work when cutting bale wires. The machine’s automatic operation is also good for improving recycling line efficiency when the line can be operated nonstop and the material infeed stream is as steady as possible.

Benefits arise also from the machine’s automatic wire separation and coiling. This helps to keep the recycling line running more effectively and reduces production costs and machinery wear. The metal wire coiling improves wire handling; the coiled wire bundles are easy to store, handle, and transport.

The third Dewiring machine, which was delivered to the CarbonLITE´s Reading plant has an optional bale weighing system that enables CarbonLITE to track their infeed bale weight. This option helps to optimize the recycling process even more and to gather information about the recycled PET-material.

– As a modern PET recycling operator, CarbonLITE wants to implement all the latest innovations that help to streamline processes and especially those that have positive effects on working safety. The Cross Wrap Dewiring solution is as high tech as it can get, and it really delivers features that are needed in our PET-recycling process, Mr. Siddhi summarizes the reasons why they chose Cross Wrap.


  • Company: CarbonLITE Industries LLC
  • Locations: Riverside, California; Dallas, Texas; Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Material: PET-plastic
  • Output: over 7 billion bottles annually
  • Capacity: 20 Bales / Hour
  • Bale Size: max. 1800 x 1400 x 2500 mm
  • CW Machine: 3 x DW 1800, Bale Dewiring Machines


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