bale wrapping cross wrap method for waste baling wrapper


The Cross Wrap story began in 1993 when Kalle Kivelä wanted to create an accurate wrapping method for square-shaped bales or any heavy industrial products, that would withstand handling and transport and keep the product or material inside the wrap unharmed. This means nothing unwanted like moisture, rain and dirt entering the bale; or anything undesirable waste materials, litter or leakage escaping from it. The Crosswrapping would guarantee that the products arrive to their recipients in good shape and unharmed after multiple handlings and demanding transportation.

With these simple principles we have built more than 350 machines to wrap various products in various conditions, temperatures and surroundings. The original Crosswrapping method was patented globally in the most important market areas, and other patents for new innovations have followed like the new patent for the CW Direct Wrapper, where the wrapping takes place without any ties or wires.

We have been very lucky to gather the best employees to work with us in Siilinjärvi Finland to provide the best wrapping machines and bale openers to our customers in more than 44 countries across the globe.

Today, we have specialised in manufacturing Bale Wrappers for various waste-based materials, whenever they need to be transported or stored. The need for high quality and economical wrappers in waste business has increased, because more and more waste-based fuels like RDF and SRF, are transported for Waste to Energy purposes. For more information, please visit: CW2200 Bale Wrapper and Direct Bale Wrapper.

After the RDF or SRF, or any wrapped bales, arrive to the recipient, they have to besafely and economically opened. For this purpose, we developed CW Bale Opener. For more information, please visit: CW Bale Opener.

We also specialise in manufacturing Board Packaging lines for wood-based boards, like plywood, veneer, chip board and MDF. Crosswrapping these boards automatically gives unique advantages, which you can find from the Board Packaging lines -site.

Today and in the future, we are always looking for new challenges to pack any materials where the packaging needs the advantages mentioned on these pages. Our innovative team has created products with which we are the world leader in automatic Bale Wrappers and Bale Openers for the waste industry, including RDF, SRF, MSW and recyclables.

We are also proud to present our customers, who are the leading operators in plywood-, veneer- and MDF manufacturing. You may find more information and references in our References page.

If you have any questions or would like further information to any aspect of our work, please contact us and challenge us to make the CROSS WRAP package to work for your products as well.

Welcome to the Cross Wrap world.

Sincerely yours,

Satu Kivelä
CEO, Managing Director