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Chain conveyors for plastic and paper recycling


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Chain conveyors for efficient recycling processes

Here at Cross Wrap we offer two kinds of chain conveyors to move your baled material ahead in the process. The chain belt conveyor is ideal for plastic recycling facilities and the chain lamella conveyor is a commonly used solution in the paper industry, for example.

We make sure your material gets transferred efficiently and effortlessly to the next step of your process. The chain conveyor completes your recycling line. Our chain conveyors are made to suit your facility’s unique needs and can be tailored to meet different width, length, height and strength requirements. It is also possible to build an entire system of conveyors to help your process work more efficiently.

A turn key solution for your plastic and paper recycling line

To respond to our client’s wishes for a turn key solution, our conveyors are sure to fit flawlessly together with our other machinery and your existing processes. You can be sure all your machines work together, and you can use the same contact number for all machines’ maintenance and service requests. If you’re looking for us to take care of an important part of your plastic or paper recycling process for you, we offer an easy and trustworthy way to do that.

Chain belt conveyors and chain lamella conveyors can be installed with other machinery you get from us, or after the initial installation and commissioning. You can operate our conveyors easily from the screen of your Cross Wrap machine. No extra buttons needed as our conveyors are fully automatic. The fully compatible machines also enable remote troubleshooting for your conveyor via other machinery from us. We are happy to help you create an automated and efficient line for your recycling process.

Why use our conveyors?

  • A turn key solution, perfectly compatible with other machines from Cross Wrap.
  • One contact number for all your machinery.
  • Remote troubleshooting.
  • Fully automated.
  • Controls in the same hub with your other machines from Cross Wrap.
  • Tailored to meet your needs.


Need a customized Cross Wrap solution?

Cross Wrap machines can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for more info.

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