Chemical recycling of plastic: smart dewiring solutions

Chemical recycling of plastic waste is garnering interest from both recyclers and investors. Cross Wrap’s Dewiring machine, which is a solution designed for the plastic recycling industry, is a smart and automatic way of ensuring an efficient plastic recycling process. Take a look at our global references and get in touch with us to see how the dewiring machine could boost your chemical plastic recycling process.

What is chemical recycling of plastics?

Chemical recycling of plastic is a novel waste treatment method, which allows all plastic to be recycled more efficiently. Currently mechanical plastic recycling is the more prevalent method, but chemical recycling plants are being established more and more.

Chemical recycling helps to create a more efficient circular economy for plastics. The new method of plastic recycling could prove to be a great supplementary method for mechanical plastic recycling, which produces granulates, pellets, and flakes.

In chemical plastic recycling process, plastic is liquefied a raw material comparable to crude oil. This liquid is used to replace oil in plastic manufacturing processes, resulting in high-quality recycled plastic. Chemical plastic recycling can efficiently treat packaging waste, which is often both contaminated and contains various different types of plastic.

Why get a dewiring machine for a chemical recycling plant?

  • Ensure a steady and high-quality material infeed by accurately removing bale wires
  • Open bales automatically, reducing labor costs
  • Prevent occupational hazards by eliminating manual bale opening
  • Reduce maintenance for other chemical plastic recycling machinery by removing metal bale wire

There are two models of the CW Dewiring machine: CW 1400 and CW 1800 Dewiring machines. The difference between the models is their frame size. The larger machine, CW 1800, is designed to suit the larger dimensions of recycled plastic bales uses in North America. The CW 1400 Dewiring machine is suitable for most operations globally.

Reliable material infeed for chemical recycling processes

The CW Dewiring machine is the smartest solution for bale dewiring in chemical recycling of plastic. The recycling process runs effectively with automatic bale opening and material infeed.

No need for standstills, the recycling line can be operated non-stop with low cost.

Reliable bale opening keeps material infeed steady – an optimal amount of raw material enters the next steps of the process, ensuring that there are no blockages.

Material quality control is easier with a steady infeed and bale weighing. 

The coiling unit coils removed metal bale wires into tight bundles, which can be recovered and recycled more effectively.

Our expert engineers customize the flexible CW Dewiring machine and conveyors to fit your operations, processing volumes, and incoming materials perfectly.

“There is less wear and tear on the shredder, and operator has more time to complete other productive tasks”,

comments Mr. Justin Gott, the Director of Blue Mountain Plastics.

Reduce maintenance for chemical recycling plant machinery

Removing bale wires from the process improves both material infeed and the recycling process! No need for metal detectors or magnets, the bale dewiring machine accurately removes the bale wires. Reduce the wear and tear on other machinery, minimize downtime, and cut down maintenance costs.

If the process is using material size reduction, shredder maintenance is one of the benefits of the dewiring machine our customers have reported. For example, shredder blade maintenance costs have dropped approximately 50% after the installment of the dewiring machines at Blue Mountain Plastics, a Canadian PET recycling facility. When bale wires were not removed from the material infeed, shredder maintenance alone took 8-12 hours per week. Downtime has been significantly reduced thanks to the dewiring machines.

Reduce costs for chemical recycling process with automation

An automatic CW Dewiring machine is a cost-effective option for a chemical recycling plant. The automatic machine can be run 24/7 with low operating costs – there is no need for manual bale opening, which would require employee input.

Safety for the chemical plastic recycling process

Manual bale dewiring is the most dangerous aspect of plastic recycling. As recycled plastic is baled, it is condensed into a small space. The properties of plastic make the material expand as soon as the bale wires are cut, making manual bale opening an employee safety hazard.

Direct your employee working hours towards more productive tasks by implementing the automatic bale dewiring machine into the chemical plastic recycling process. The high-quality safety mechanisms make sure plastic bales can be opened and the dewiring machine can be operated without any risks.

Ensuring employee safety improves employee satisfaction and retention and benefits your employer image.

Tailored solution for your chemical recycling process

When you want to improve the processes and safety of chemical recycling of plastic at your plant, contact us! We will tailor the solution according to your operational needs, capacity requirements, and facility space. Contact us at to learn more.

The optimal operating system also reduces electricity consumption. The Dewiring machine is highly energy-efficient, using only 25 kW/h on average whilst running. It enters an energy-saving standby mode if plastic bales are not detected in the feeding conveyor, and the machine will automatically start again when a bale needs to be opened.

CW Dewiring machine references


USA-based plastic recycling company CarbonLITE processes more than seven billion plastic PET bottles annually in their mechanical recycling process. The three purchased CW Dewiring machines help to manage the high-volume material flow and improve safety on CarbonLITE’s recycling facilities.

“As a modern PET recycling operator, CarbonLITE wants to implement all the latest innovations that help to streamline processes and especially those that have positive effects on working safety. The Cross Wrap Dewiring solution is as high tech as it can get, and it really delivers features that are needed in our PET-recycling process.”

 Mr. Siddhi summarizes the reasons why they chose Cross Wrap.

Blue Mountain Plastics,

The Dewiring machine is a widely used solution for plastic recyclers all around the world. A Canadian state-of-the-art plastic recycling facility Blue Mountain Plastics operates two 1800 Dewiring machines, which has helped the company to boost their closed loop PET recycling.

“The Dewiring machine is a necessity with a labor market that continues to become more stressed.”

– Mr. Justin Gott, Director, Blue Mountain Plastics

Wellman International,

Wellman International France Recyclage in Verdun operates two Cross Wrap 1400 Dewiring machines at their recycled PET plastic sorting and flake manufacturing lines. Improved safety is one of the largest benefits the recycling facility has recognized after the implementation of the machines.

“The huge benefits in improving safety are one of the most important factors when using these machines.”

– Mr. Fabrice Petit, Operations Director, Wellman International Verdun plant

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