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The smartest way to package board is to Cross Wrap it.


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Wrapping it smarter

The Cross Wrap board packaging line ensures durable protection of boards against multiple handlings and the elements. Cross Wrap automates the packaging of a variety of stacked board sizes, all on the same line. Cross Wrap’s innovative, efficient, and cost-effective method packs board stacks using only stretch film. No straps, no corners or side covers required. CW board packaging lines may be equipped with feeding and storing conveyors, scales, automatic labelling, RFID identification, automatic bottom skid feeding system, and many other optional features which help to increase production rate, lower material and labour costs, and improve the automation level and material quality.

all sides covered

Cross Wrap’s innovative, strap-free packaging method provides durable, “all sides covered” packaging protection that better safeguards boards against the elements and demanding handling and transport conditions. Cross Wrap eliminates the need for manual packaging operation. It also reduces the dependence on multiple packaging materials, and minimizes potential damages caused by traditional handling and transport, and storing methods. The durable wrapping film also provides a more visually appealing wrapped package, plus an option to enhance your company’s image with branded film wrap. The wrapping film is also 100 % recyclable.

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Wood board packaging references


Russian plywood manufacturer SVEZA invested in automatic Cross Wrap Board Packaging and is going to implement this packaging solution in all their mill locations across Russia.

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