The smartest way to handle, ship, and store a bale is to cross wrap it.

Bale Wrapping

Is your bale wrapping performing at its best? With Cross Wrap bale wrappers, you can make sure that you wrap your bales in the most efficient way. 

Bale wrapping with the highest production rate and the lowest operational cost

Our patented Bale Wrappers can wrap any material, including post-consumer waste and different industry-based materials. We serve industries such as the alternative fuel sector, plastic recycling, and paper fiber recycling.

The CW bale wrapping method is a proven solution even with the most demanding waste materials such as MSW, RDF, and SRF. 

Today, CW Bale Wrappers are compatible with over 23 different baler brands globally.  That’s why we say, Cross Wrap knows your baler the best.

What’s the difference in Cross Wrap bale wrapping?

We are proud to say that we have revolutionised the bale wrapping methods with smart solutions. Our bale wrapping methods provide bales, that are extremely durable, economical and easy to handle multiple times.

  • Automation helps to cut costs and improve workplace safety.
  • Capacity scaling is easy.
  • Smart features can be tailored according to your operation needs.
  • Logistics improves drastically, as the bales withstand many handlings and can be stored smartly.

When the bale wrapping is smart, the next steps are also optimised. Thanks to the unique wrapping method, bales withstand multiple handlings. The calorific value of the material is protected, and the bales can also be stored outdoors. 

The bale wrapping machines are engineered based on our patented innovation, its unique “all sides covered” bale wrapping method. Wrapped square bales save storage space and transportation space vs loose material and round bales. 

Besides all, our bale wrapping is an environmentally safe solution. When the bales are tightly wrapped, it minimises littering, odors and leakage while protecting the materials inside the bale.

“We help you work smarter, more environmentally friendly and improve the safety of your facility.”

The main benefits of Cross Wrap bale wrapping

1) Compatible with all square baler machines and all bale sizes and capacities.

2) Suitable for almost every material that needs to be baled; waste, plastics, textile, alternative fuels…

3) An impressive 80-ton-per-hour capacity per machine. Easily scalable for your changing needs.

4) Fully automated - save costs and improve workplace safety.

5) The lowest operation cost in the industry.

6) Minimises littering and leakage - more environmentally safe bales, which hold the content value at its best.

Also, these features make it even better:

  • User-friendly, informative interface
  • Can be supplemented with different options; conveyers, weighing, automatic labeling…
  • Optimal and adjustable film use; film is placed where it counts the most.
  • Save film costs while having tightly wrapped bales!
  • The machine also includes programs for lighter wrapping and the option to run bales through the line without wrapping.
  • Also available for mobile solutions.
  • Requires little space due to its modular and compact structure.
  • Remote access keeps your machine programming up to date when needed.

“Modular design system, complete with various conveyor and component options, offers a space-saving layout for everything from small operations to the most demanding production environments.”

Why square bales vs. round?

Our bale wrapping solutions offer square bales due to their more economical, flexible and easier handling. 

There are several reasons why our bale wrapping solutions are suitable for square bales. The most important is, that square bales do not waste space, money or time.

1) Square bales are dense. Compared to round bales, they hold much more material and the weight is evenly distributed.

2) When storing and moving, there is no empty space between the bales. This means you can store more bales economically.

3) Handling is easier, thanks to the optimal, strong, and stable bale shape.

4) You can adjust the size of the square bale lengthwise with the baler.

The bale is moved on its bottom in the cross wrapping process. This strains the bale much less than any other bale wrapping method.

Bale wrapping or direct wrapping?

We offer two market-leading machine options for bale wrapping. They are both fully automatic and suitable for different materials and balers. Also, they offer the industry the highest production rate and lowest operational cost.

The main difference is that Direct Bale Wrapper is a wire-free option and suitable for two-ram balers.

Contact us to discuss which bale wrapping solution would be the best for you.

Cross Wrap CW 2200 Bale Wrappers

Cross Wrap CW 2200 is the industry-leading and patented solution for efficient bale wrapping. The CW 2200 Bale Wrapper wraps all sizes of square bales fully automatically, and it is compatible with any baler.

The machine has an advanced bale conveying technique that uses belt conveyors instead of roll conveyors. This gentle bale moving method maintains bale shape and tightness the best way possible, minimizing bale breakage and litter.

CW 2200 is also available as a mobile unit, which means more flexible bale wrapping.

Cross Wrap Direct Bale Wrapper

Cross Wrap Direct Bale Wrapper wraps the bales directly from any two-ram baler chamber without the use of bale wires. 

This wrapping method also shortens and simplifies the wrapping line while keeping the working environment litter-free. 

The unique feature of Direct Bale Wrapper is that you can either bale and tie or bale and wrap the material.  Direct Bale Wrappers can be supplied with a separate wire or strap tying unit if you  want to tie the bales instead of wrapping them. This way, you can ensure that the production line works most efficiently with different baled materials.

Direct Bale Wrapper can be run with 750 mm-wide film, and the CW2200 with both 500 mm- or 750 mm-wide films, depending on your needs.

You can adjust the film use according to your needs, which is better for the environment and costs. The film is recyclable plastic and also available as recycled plastic.

And there are additional options that increase productivity, including
– cleaning conveyors
– opening safety fencing
– weighing
– automatic labeling
netting unit to create even tighter bales
– remote control. 

Both bale wrappers are equipped with a LAN, and WLAN modem that allows remote troubleshooting and software changes, ensuring that your bale wrapper always performs at its best.


CW 2200 Bale Wrapper
Safe, efficient, and cost-effective bale wrapping – the industry standard.

CW Direct Bale Wrapper

The world’s smartest tie-free bale wrapper.

Bale wrapping references

Our unique bale wrapping method is relied on in more than 60 countries. 

“We have delivered hundreds of bale wrappers worldwide, wrapping a wide variety of waste and reject materials.”

“We have been using Cross Wrap machinery for more than 20 years. Cross Wrap has demonstrated to be a reliable machine and has been improving year after year”, – Javier Cerezo Ortega FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente

arcillex balefill_1


Argentinian ARX Arcillex S.A. uses CW 2200 Bale Wrappers for wrapping MSW and RDF. The company has had so positive experiences with the Cross Wrap machine performance that they are most likely to incorporate CW wrappers into their future projects.



Spain-based FCC Medio Ambiente acquired four Cross Wrap CW 2200 Bale Wrappers to wrap recycled waste refuse material that is destined to dry landfill. The wrappers were installed at three recycling sites Gomecello, Loeches, and El Campello.



Rocha, Uruguay located Deisa operation for baling and wrapping urban solid waste (MSW) does their bale wrapping with Cross Wrap Direct Bale Wrapper. The plant has a 12 tons/hour capacity, and the wrapped bales are destined for balefill.

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