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Bale opening

The smartest way to open a bale is to CW Open it.

Cross Wrap Bale Openers are engineered based on Cross Wrap’s innovative, patented bale-opening method. Cross Wrap Bale Openers automatically cut film and bale wires, safely removing them from the baled material. Cross Wrap spools the removed wrapping film and wires into a bundle that is easy to handle. Cross Wrap Bale Openers make bale loading safer, and they are compatible with variable-sized rectangular and round bales. Cross Wrap can deliver bale openers with a feeding conveyor or customers can use their own. Cross Wrap Bale Openers are built to perform and provide long-lasting reliability, and low operating and maintenance costs. For operations where only bale wires are needed to remove Cross Wrap manufactures the CW bale dewiring machine.

Automatic production booster

Waste to Energy plants and cement kilns rely on CW Bale Opening machines to optimize fuel handling. Cross Wrap Bale Openers operate automatically, which dramatically improves workplace safety and lowers labor costs. They also boost production thanks to high film and wire-removal reliability that guarantees steady, high-quality material flow for better processing.

A solution for optimal fuel flow

In WtE plants and cement kilns, CW Bale Openers ensure efficient and effective fuel flow throughout the intake system. Cross Wrapped waste fuel bales provide better protection from the elements and a better way to fireproof bales and store WtE fuels on-premises. Bales can be safely stored outdoors for longer periods of time, and the CW Waste Bale Opener can automatically open bales whenever the WtE fuels are needed. Safely storing bales outside for longer periods also saves indoor storage space and costs.

Performance at its best

Cross Wrap Bale Openers are equipped with a 3G LAN and WLAN modem that allows remote troubleshooting and software upgrades to ensure that your bale opener or wrapper always performs at its best.

Our solutions for Bale Opening
Cross Wrap Machines

Our solutions for Bale Opening

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CW 3600 Bale Opener

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