Paper Recycling Machine for high-performing industrial processes

We offer paper recycling machinery that will keep your operations steady, smart, and high-performing throughout the year.

CW machines will offer all you can hope for effective dewiring and wrapping needs. The machines are designed to operate in the most demanding paper recycling plant processes and can be used with recycled or virgin material.

Why choose THE Cross Wrap Paper Recycling Machine?

There are many reasons we dare to say that our methods are the smartest on the market.

1) Increase production rates; scale up to 80-tonne per hour capacity.

2) Minimize downtimes and ensure a consistent flow of high-quality material - from dewiring in stock preparation to handling wrapped bales.

3) Automatise important steps of your paper recycling processes.

4) Improve operator safety, as you can remove dangerous manual work such as wire cutting by hand.

5) Reduce costs on labor and machine operation with automation.

6) Cut unnecessary energy use: CW machines are designed to work energy-efficiently.

7) Improve your paper recycling process: tightly wrapped bales don't litter, and the energy value of the contents will stay high.

“Our paper recycling machines are suitable for many baler sizes and paper types.”

The smartest way to dewire paper bales

The CW Dewiring Machine offers a revolutionary method of cutting and removing wires from paper bales. As a result, you can say goodbye to timely and even dangerous wire cutting by hand, and in exchange, you will get steady, reliable, and cost-wise production.

The fully automatic machine uses patented grippers to grab the wires from both sides and then front cutters to cut them. The bales are then conveyed forward, and the machine automatically coils metal wires into tight bundles. The wires don’t end up in the pulper process, as they are cut and coiled beforehand.

Automatic dewiring is also good news for maintenance and machine lifecycles. With fewer metal wires entering the pulper, the blades strain less.

Made to meet the changing needs of paper recycling and processing

Our paper recycling technology is designed to help you stay competitive and meet the market’s changing needs.

The trend for recycled paper materials is constantly growing, which means higher efficiency requirements for recycling plants. It is also essential to consider sustainability and intelligent methods in all stages of production.

Our automated solutions allow you to adapt your production to changing needs and market conditions. You can scale capacity without proportionally increasing costs, and handle different recycled fiber qualities and bale sizes.

Customized options for CW paper recycling machine:

  • Machines can be easily integrated with any existing conveyor system.
  • Modular design offers a flexible, space-saving layout that can be customized to fit any production environment.
  • Depending on the pulper process, the wire cutter can also be placed on top of the existing conveyor.
  • Machines are also suitable for Tetra Pak recycling. In the future, we can expect consumer recycling rates to grow, which predicts more Tetra Pak recycling.

Get the most out of the wrapping process

When there is a need to wrap reject or other materials in paper recycling, our bale wrappers are the new-generation solutions.

The bale wrapping machines rely on a fully automatic and unique “all sides covered” wrapping method. The method ensures tightly wrapped bales that stand multiple handlings can also be stored outdoors.

Compared to other machines on the market, The Cross Wrap Bale Wrappers use less plastic film for wrapping. This may sound odd, but using our unique method, we place the film where it matters the most – just the right amount in the right place! This ensures highly durable and economical bales. Plastic film can be recycled, and it is also available made from recycled plastic.

  • Adjustable film use. Bales are wrapped tightly but with only the necessary film amount.
  • The Bale Wrappers can be added with cleaning conveyors, opening safety fencing, weighing, automatic labeling, RFID, and remote access control.

Maintain the value of wrapped bales

With our solutions, your paper recycling plant can effectively handle sidestreams born in the paper recycling process. Relying on automation, you can bale and wrap the rejector side material and use it effectively compared to loose material.

The benefits of cross-wrapping the bales:

  • Maintain the calorific value of the contents of any alternative fuel material.
    Minimize leakage and littering by removing loose material.
  • Handle bales multiple times and transport long-distances.
  • Tightly wrapped square bales can be stored outdoors.

Paper recycling machines with innovative technology

CW Dewiring Machine

The market-leading solution for automatic dewiring with a high wire-removal rate. Completely removes bale wires before the pulping process and coils the wires into tight bundles.

CW Wire Cutters

Fully automatic CW Wire Cutters will cut wires fast and reliably. CW Rotary Cutter opens transversal top wires or straps, while CW Linear Cutter is a bale wire cutting unit for longitudinal top wires or straps.

CW 2200 Bale Wrapper

Fully automated machine that can wrap any size of square bale tightly.

Works with many baler types and features an advanced bale conveying system that uses belt conveyors instead of roll conveyors. This method is gentle on the bales and helps to preserve their shape and tightness, minimizing the amount of litter.

CW Direct Bale Wrapper

A unique solution to wrap bales directly from any two-ram baler chamber without using bale wires! Depending on your needs, the machine can also be supplied with a separate wire or strap-tying unit, which lets you tie the bales.

Customers' stories from paper recycling machines

We are the industry leader in innovative dewiring solutions and have delivered paper recycling machines to Europe, Asia, and North America.

Papierfabriek Doetinchem

Papierfabriek Doetinchem is specialized in 100% recycled paper manufacturing, producing more than 70 000 metric tonnes of 100% lightweight (MG) papers per annum. In the process, CW Dewiring Machine has proven its value in a cost-effective and optimized waste paper recycling process.

“I can see that the recycled paper industry can benefit from these kinds of modern, high automation material handling solutions. The baling wire removing with automatic Dewiring is a step forward when optimizing paper recycling and paper mill operations, and I can recommend it to any company out there”.

automatic dewiring

Sonoco Karhula Mill

“Before, we needed to pay to get rid of the uncoiled bale wires, and the pulper emptying was a very labor-intensive operation. Today we get money back from the wire recycling, and the pulper maintenance workload and costs have decreased significantly.”

At the Sonoco Alcore Karhula board mill, the manufacturing core board begins with dewiring incoming raw material OCC bales. Bales are temporarily stored outside before being loaded onto an angled conveyor that transports them to the Cross Wrap Dewiring Machine. The feeding conveyor and the Dewiring Machine are designed to sync with the pulpers, enabling a smooth and efficient production process.

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