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Coil Shredder

Shred your bale wire coils for more efficient plastic and paper recycling process


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Transform your production side streams into profit

Cross Wrap Coil shredder is an addition for our Dewiring machine, that can be purchased together with the Dewiring machine or alongside your existing machine. With the Coil shredder, you ensure that you get the most value out of the bale wires removed from your process. Clean metal wires can be effortlessly recycled and metal recyclers pay more for clean material.

Our Coil shredder is designed to tackle this problem. It shreds the coils and the material tangled in them into small pieces. A magnetic separator helps to separate the metal from the leftover material that can be circulated back into your process. Cleaner metal side stream is attractive to recyclers and, in the best case, increases your profit.

Our shredding machine is small and compact, and specifically designed to work alongside our Dewiring machine or Bale Opener. It shreds not only the metal wires but the baled material with it.

Save storage room and cut operation time with the Coil shredder machine

Letting our Dewiring machine coil the metal wires for you gives savings in storage space. With compact coils, you can save even 5 times the space compared to cutting and collecting the wires by hand. If you’re using the Coil shredder too, the space savings are even more than that, as shredded metal wires take up less space in containers. This makes things easier for the operator since the coil containers don’t need to be changed as often as before.

You can also expect savings in your transportation costs, because a pile of coil always has some extra space in between them, whereas shredded metal uses all the space in the container. Therefore the container needs to be picked up from your facility less often.

The coil shredder is beneficial for processing smaller or larger capacities of metal wires. For example, if a facility processes around 20 bales per hour, that means 20 bale coils per hour, each weighing around 3 to 4 kilograms. Having the wires coiled and shredded shortens the operation time and makes your facility more efficient.

Why use the Coil shredding machine

  • Get your metal side stream to make profit by making it attractive to recyclers.
  • Save the operator’s time with fewer coil container changes.
  • Save transportation costs with efficient use of space.
  • Use all your material, like PET plastic, cardboard or textiles, completely by circling it back into your process.
  • Easy installation with the Dewiring machine or as a retrofit.


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