Plastic recycling solutions for the most efficient material flow

Plastic recycling is a strong-growing industry with major economic value. Are you ready for scaling up your recycling capacity?

We help you automatise the critical steps for smooth material flow in plastic recycling. With our solutions, you can wrap the bales, cut and remove wires automatically, and store and transport the bales with the smartest solutions.

Fully automatic and built to last, Cross Wrap machines ensure high-capacity processing of recycled plastic materials while also dramatically improving employee safety.

Cross Wrap  plastic recycling machines are suitable for: 

  • For many plastic materials such as  PET and mixed plastics 
  • Plastic recycling and processing facilities
  • For various bale sizes 
  • Also for the chemical plastic recycling industry, when the plastic material is handled and transported before chemical processing

Why choose Cross Wrap solutions for plastic recycling?

1) Automatise your material flow and make your process more steady and reliable.

2) Scale your production with no less than 80-tonne per hour capacity.

3) Improve the safety of your employees, as there is no need for repetitive manual work such as wire cutting.

4) Cut costs with the lowest machine operating cost in the industry.

5) Be environment-wise: minimize littering with neat bale wrapping, recycle wires and boost your overall recycling capacity.

6) Machines are tailored to your needs taking into account the materials and the needs of your production.

7) Save energy: all our machines are energy efficient from their start.

Scale up plastic recycling with a tailored solution

There is a global urge to increase the use of recycled plastics, as there is a growing need to tackle the problem of single-use and virgin plastics. This also creates opportunities and pressure to boost the capacity of existing plastic recycling plants.

The features of the CW plastic recycling machines that will boost your productivity:

  • A modular structure that fits even small spaces. (Bale Wrappers/CW Dewiring)
  • Many options to adjust: conveyors, weighing, and labeling. (Bale Wrappers)
  • Tailored installation height. (Bale Wrappers)
  • Automatic bale size detection eases the material feed. (Bale Wrappers)
  • Choose either the front-cut or side-cut for the bale wires – whichever suits your process better. (CW Dewiring)
  • Remote access, user-friendly digital interface, and regular updates.(CW Bale Wrappers)
  • Adjustable film use when wrapping bales. This helps to meet the transportation and storage needs. (CW Bale Wrapper)

Protect the performance line with smart operation

How can you meet the increased demand without higher energy and material costs? Investing in a long-term solution that will cut costs daily is a wise business option. 

Our solutions will start paying back as soon as they are in operation. Thanks to automation and smooth operation, they will save your costs in the long term. 

Our solution reduces costs for all major plastic recycling expenses

  • Energy efficiency cuts unnecessary energy use.
  • The lowest machine operating cost in the industry.
  • Automation saves costs on manual work. 
  • No surprising maintenance costs: Extremely reliable production rate with online support available.

With our smart automation, you can remove capacity bottlenecks without rising costs. Combining automation and tailored options, we offer you the most business-wise option to enhance the plastic recycling process.

Save energy on the whole process

Energy consumption is one of the biggest costs in the plastic recycling process. Generally, energy use is about one-third of the process costs, but with our machinery, you can cut the process’ energy consumption drastically.

CW Dewiring machine is the most energy-efficient on the market

The running machine uses only 25 kW/h on average. Standby mode cuts unnecessary energy use, as when the machine waits for opening permission from the customer’s process. When material feeding is allowed, the operation starts automatically again.

The machine can also be run steadily at all times, as the material infeed is automated. This means more predictable operation and energy use.

Protect the people: Leave dangerous work to machines

Automation can handle tasks that are repetitive, timely, and even dangerous. Traditional methods, such as manual dewiring, can result in serious bodily injury. When wires are cut in hand with bolt cutters, they can cause injuries, pain, and sick leaves. 

Also, dangerous tasks and repetitive sick leaves are not creating the best employer image or motivated workers. It also goes without saying that injuries add more expenses and insurance costs for you as an employer.  

With every automated hour, you also save long-time operational costs. Cross Wrap’s safer and more reliable wire removal method also boosts production rates, while you can direct the human labor to more safe tasks.

Clean and environmentally friendly material flow

Not only is plastic recycling a sustainable business at its core, but the process itself can be optimized to be as clean as possible.

With smart dewiring, the machine not only removes the metal wires but also coils them into small, tight bundles that can be easily handled and transported.

By completely removing metal wires from the process, it ensures purer recovered materials that are not contaminated with metal fragments. 

And when the wires are removed early in the process stage, it means a more efficient overall process and less wearing of the machines. 

Also, the effective baling keeps the factory environment litter free.

Smart and litter-free bales are also perfect for storing and transporting to another location.  Capacity scaling is easier, as the bales are neatly wrapped with the optimal amount of the film.

Our plastic recycling machines

All are fully automated, safe, and cost-efficient!

CW Dewiring Machine

The first dewiring machine designed for the plastic recycling industry!  Cuts and removes bale wires automatically from many materials. Besides this, the machine coils the removed wires into tight bundles that are easy to recycle.  The wire removal rate is more than 95%.  

We offer two CW Dewiring Machine models. The larger machine  CW 1800 is designed for North American markets and larger bale sizes.  The CW1400 is an option in Europe and Asia.

CW Wire Cutters

Cuts the bale wires without needing manual work with steady operation. Choose rotary, linear, or cross-cutter – they can all be integrated into many existing conveyor systems.

CW 2200 Bale Wrapper

Wrap bales with industry-leading 80-tonne-per-hour capacity. Patented protection for all material bales. Compatible with various bale sizes and also available as a mobile unit.

CW Direct Bale Wrapper

The world’s smartest tie-free bale wrapper wraps the bales directly from any two-ram baler chamber without bale wires. Choose the best method for your needs: bale and tie or bale and wrap!

Plastic recycling references

We have years of experience with smart and automated plastic recycling machines – working with business leaders.



Dewiring streamlines plastic recycling operations in Canada. Blue Mountain Plastics recycling facility utilizes two CW 1800 Dewiring machines to boost the closed-loop recycling of high-quality PET.

CW Dewiring machine Wellman installation


Indorama Ventures PLC owned Wellman International France Recyclage in Verdun acquired two Cross Wrap Bale Dewiring DW1400 units for their recycled PET plastic sorting and flake manufacturing lines.

Poly recycling www 1


Swiss based plastic recycling company Poly Recycling invested in automatic Cross Wrap Bale Dewiring to improve their PET infeed capacity, working safety and process automation.

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