Other industries

The Cross Wrap machinery range includes models for packing cement fibreboards and other industrial products. In addition, CW wrappers are compatible with all industrial square balers. CW stretch film packaging machines can be operated as part of a palletising and packaging line. Thanks to our automatic packaging method, customers can save on packing materials and labour costs and present their products in visually appealing and durable packages.

Cross Wrap stretch film packaging machines are suitable for packing plasterboard, windows and doors, fluid containers and piece goods, such as furniture and interior decoration items just to mention a few examples.


  • Cross Wrap packaging protects the product against humidity and temperature changes
  • The automatic line reduces labour costs and boosts production capacity
  • Packages of various sizes from the same line - automatically!
  • A visually appealing package enhances your company's image
  • Stretch film wrapping does the job, not straps or corner covers are needed
  • Tight wrapping from all sides, including underneath
  • Reliable operation and low maintenance costs
  • Saves on packing materials
  • The environment-friendly polyethylene film can be recycled or used for energy recovery
  • The package is easy to open - partial opening is also possible

Get in touch with us and tell us what you need to package and for what purpose. We’ll advise you on the most cost-efficient way to do it!