8th Cross Wrap Webinar Recording is now available

8th Cross Wrap Webinar - 3 Customer Stories


3 Cross Wrap Customer Stories – The Best Practices for Efficient Material Handling – Webinar

The 8th Cross Wrap Webinar included three Cross Wrap Customer Stories and revealed what are the best practices for efficient material handling. The webinar was hosted by Cross Wrap Sales managers Mr. Eetu Laatikainen and Mr. Ville-Pekka Parkkinen together with Sales Director Mr. Heikki Jyrkinen. The one-hour long webinar collected numerous attendees from all around the globe.

The webinar hosts walked the participants through the following 3 case-stories:

  • CW Direct Wrapping for Cement manufacturing in China, Case Story Huaxin, CW Direct Bale Wrapper + CW 3600 Bale Opener, Presenter Heikki Jyrkinen, Sales Director
  • Dry Landfill in Spain, Case Story Planta de Algimia, CW 2200 Bale Wrapper, Presenter Ville-Pekka Parkkinen, Sales Manager
  • Cement Manufacturing and Automatic Bale Opening in Greece, Case Story Titan, CW 3600 Bale Opener, Presenter Eetu Laatikainen, Sales Manager

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