“The smartest way to recover energy is to cross wrap it.”

Waste to energy - Wrapping and baling solutions for the waste-to-energy industry

With our solutions, waste-to-energy and cement industry operators can get the most value from their alternative fuel handling in their processes.

Compared to traditional methods of processing loose waste, we offer the most efficient and environmentally safe solution for the industry’s demanding transportation and storage needs. Not to mention the lowest operational cost in the industry!

Our wrapping solutions for the waste-to-energy industry are:

  • Suitable for the most demanding materials such as RDF, SRF, and MSW.
  • Compatible with any baler and for mobile wrapping lines too.

Why choose Cross Wrap solutions for waste-to-energy?

“The smartest way to recover energy is to cross wrap it.”

1) Hold the calorific value of the bale at its best

thanks to a unique wrapping method that stabilises baled material and minimises littering and leakage.

2) Store bales safely long term

without material value loss and effects on the environment, even outdoors.

3) Improve logistics

square and tightly wrapped bales are the most effecient way to store and transport on land or by sea.

4) Enjoy the lowest machine operating cost.

5) Save time

Our machines are fully automated, and they minimise manual operation!

6) Scale capacity and update machine programming

easily when your operation needs it.

7) Be more sustainable

as you can minimise littering and non-recycleable waste by maximizing tonnages and minimizing environmental effects.

8) We take care of you with after-sales services

we offer implementation, maintenance, and support with our partners.

9) Join the Cross Wrap Smart digital customer portal

and get online access to machine data and Cross Wrap web shop.

The industry-leading solutions with a sustainable core

When you operate with us, you get the industry’s most efficient solutions proven by hundreds of our clients. 

Our wrapping and baling solutions are the industry standard that serves different operators such as waste-fuel manufacturers and traders, waste-to-energy plants, and cement kilns.

We have a steady foothold in the waste-to-energy sector, as we have been serving the industry since the 1990s

Most of our deliveries are focused on the waste-to-energy sector globally. 

With a long history and leadership position also comes responsibility. Therefore, we serve you with sustainable solutions that will also help you to improve the safety of the workers and lower your operation environmental effects.

Our solutions help you to recover the energy back to use and get the most out of valuable material. Smart bale wrapping not only uses the film sparsely, but also minimises littering and non-recyclable waste. The film is also 100% recyclable, which minimises landfilling.

Waste-to-energy solutions in action: Wrap, store and transport smartly

Cross Wrap solutions are popular because:

You can maintain the excellent value of the waste-to-energy material.

 – You can have a high production rate with low operational costs.

The bales stand multiple handlings and long-term storing.

Our unique handling method ensures that the bales are tightly wrapped, but only with the necessary film amount. 

Compared to many other solutions, we can tailor the film consumption precisely according to your bale size and needs. Thus you can save money and the environment, as the film consumption is optimal. 

Our unrivaled protection safeguards waste-to-energy materials against moisture while minimizing leakage and litter. Thus the bales can be stored safely in the open air, and they withstand transport conditions and multiple handlings better.

“Leak-proof, easy to transport square bales that stand up to multiple handlings.”

“The CW 2200 Bale Wrapper is the most popular machine globally in the alternative fuel and waste bale wrapping industry.”

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Square bales ensure the maximal capacity

Cross Wrap bale wrapping is done only for square bales, which offers many benefits compared to round bales. First, the square bales are easier to handle in the operating lines, thanks to their dense and strong shape. 

Tightly wrapped square bales are also easier to store, as they do not “waste” space, while their density is even from corner to corner. The bales are also more economical and flexible, as you can adjust the bale length with the baler and grow capacity quickly.

However, sometimes it is justified to use round bales. For bale opening needs, our automatic bale openers work efficiently with all bale shapes.

Read more about why square bales are superior vs. round bales

Read more about our solutions for the cement manufacturing industry


Open bales safely and recover the valuable energy

When it’s time to feed the alternative fuel bale to waste-to-energy plants, incineration, or to the cement manufacturing process, you can open the bales the most efficient way with our machines.

The CW 3600 Bale Opener automatically opens the bales and removes wrapping, bale straps and wires from the bales. Then, the machine coils the film and wires into bundles that are easy to handle. Besides all, fully automated operation improves your workplace safety.

And in operations where there is shredding involved, the shredder blades wear less without the bale wires getting into the process. 

Why open bales instead of just crushing or shedding them? It’s a clean process, which ensures that the plastic film and metal wires do not create unwanted costs or downtimes for unnecessary maintenance and machine wear. This is good for the environment and the quality of the alternative fuel burned in incineration. 

Read more about our alternative fuel solutions.

Our machines for the waste-to-energy industry

“CW Wrappers offer an 80-ton-per-hour capacity, while they are also efficient for smaller capacity use.”

CW 2200 BALE WRAPPER The industry standard for safe, efficient, cost-effective alternative fuel bale wrapping.

CW DIRECT BALE WRAPPERThe world’s smartest tie-free bale wrapper. Wraps bales directly from any two-ram baler chamber.

CW 3600 BALE OPENER The safest, most economical way to open bales. It opens bales automatically and separates recycleable wires and films. Uses less energy than any other method available!

CW WIRE CUTTERS – CW ROTARY CUTTER (RC)An automated bale wire cutting unit that opens transversal top wires or straps. The cutter floats on top of the bale and cuts the wires at the speed of the conveyor.


Waste industry pioneer Powerday processes around 100,000 tonnes of RDF from the London area and southern England every year. The need to effectively wrap the bales of RDF led Powerday to select Cross Wrap machinery to be fitted in their three RDF producing plants.

“It is vital for our operations that our machinery is able to run with minimal downtime, our clients depend on our ability to always be able to accept the waste they produce. For this reason, we want to operate with the best possible machinery available such as Cross Wrap.”


FCC Medio Ambiente

FCC Medio Ambiente wanted to find a safe, clean, and cost-effective way to wrap refuse material bales that are coming from their modern waste recycling lines. The answer was CW 2200 Bale wrappers. FCC MA has acquired four wrappers for three of their sites.

“Within FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente we have been using Cross Wrap machinery for more than 20 years. Cross Wrap has demonstrated to be a reliable machine and has been improving year after year.”

Javier Cerezo Ortega, technical director

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