CW waste handling solutions improve operational efficiency

Cross Wrap waste handling solutions for waste management, recycling, and waste-to-energy operations are adopted globally. The innovative Cross Wrap bale wrapping method has transformed the way waste-based fuels are handled and transported among the industry pioneers and leading companies. Today the Cross Wrap method is the industry-standard solution, and it is in use worldwide.

Cross Wrap waste handling solutions improve waste handling

CW Bale Wrappers

The industry-standard solution in WtE for bale wrapping

CW Bale

Pioneering solution born from customer needs


Innovative and automatic way to dewire bales

Cross Wrap engineered waste handling equipment

Cross Wrap engineered waste handling equipment includes automatic Cross Wrap bale wrapping machines, bale openers, bale dewiring machines, and bale wire cutting machines. These waste handling systems are all engineered to improve our customers’ operations and to give them excellent overall performance.

All Cross Wrap waste handling machines and waste handling methods can be used as an individual operational solution

The CW machines provide comprehensive and efficient material handling solutions for waste-based or for recycled materials. For example, in waste-to-energy operations, Cross Wrap machines provide a comprehensive waste fuel handling solution starting from automatic bale wrapping and ending up with automatic bale opening.


The Cross Wrap bale wrappers are built to perform and to provide reliable handling of waste and recycled materials. The CW bale wrappers were born from industry operation needs from over 26 years ago and have since become the industry-standard square bale wrappers for the waste and recycling industries.

Cross Wrap bale wrapping provides high bale durability and smarter, more reliable handling, shipping, and storage. Our company has a long history of working with all the baler brands, so whatever baler you may be running or purchasing, you can get the most out of it with a Cross Wrap bale wrapper. With Cross Wrap, it is easy to optimize film consumption, and customers can choose the wrapping solution that is most suitable for their specific needs.

Cross Wrap bale wrappers also provide the lowest operational cost and highest production rate in the industry. In addition, they have an advanced bale conveying technique that uses belt conveyors instead of roll conveyors. These gentle bale moving belt conveyors help to maintain bale shape and tightness the best way possible, minimizing bale breakage and litter.

RePower South LLC - USA

“We are very satisfied with the Cross Wrap equipment and also CW’s after-sales support”

-Mr. Matt Allers, Owner’s Representative for RePower South LLC.


This collaboration gathered many plant and machinery designers together and a lot of expertise as well, so the results do speak for themselves. Now we have two highly efficient plants, which operate as pioneers in making renewable fuel in the US

– RePower South CEO Mr. Brian Gilhuly


Cross Wrap offers two types of bale wrapping machines: the CW 2200 Bale Wrapper and the CW Direct Bale Wrapper. Both machines are fully automatic and help to save labor costs and improve working safety.

Cross Wrap waste handling systems work seamlessly with all baler brands and waste balers. Both CW Bale Wrappers offer an impressive 80-ton-per-hour capacity while still running cost-efficiently in smaller capacity operations.

  • CW 2200 Bale Wrapper is the industry-standard square bale wrapper for all baler types and capacities – it increases recycling plant safety and productivity, and reduces labor costs.
  • CW Direct Bale Wrapper is the only tie-free wrapper for all 2-ram balers. No need for bale wires or ties, savings in material costs, and a simplified process.


Cross Wrap waste handling solutions and waste handling methods provided by crosswrapping help you to operate more efficiently in waste-to-energy and in recycling processes. Cross Wrap´s innovative waste handling machinery for automatic bale wrapping and bale opening optimizes your alternative fuel manufacturing, storing, and logistical chain.

Efficient waste handling methods are a combination of Cross Wrap solutions:

  • Intakematerial – Loose or baled waste readiness for waste amount fluctuations.
  • Wrap Bales with the CW Bale Wrapper– A clean and effective way to maintain material energy value allows waste intake during low energy demand season and maintenance breaks.
  • Efficient Storage and Transport with Wrapped Bales – An environmentally safe and cost-efficient way that allows outdoor storing – saving cost and space of indoor storage. The transporting of Cross Wrapped bales is easy and cost-effective.
  • Open Bales with the CW Bale Opener– opens the bales automatically – less labor and machinery cost – opens automatically rectangular and round bales – separates the ties and film from the baled material.


Cross Wrap’s unique and patented CW Bale Opener machine is engineered to complete any alternative fuel, or waste-to-energy operation. The machine automatically cuts the wrapped bale´s film layer and bale wires, safely removing them from the bale content and from the material stream going to the WTE process. The Cross Wrap Bale Opener spools the removed wrapping film and wires into a tight bundle that is easy to handle and recycle.

The use of the automatic CW Bale Opener machine improves material fraction quality while making bale handling and opening safer and more efficient

The CW Bale Opener provides unmatched reliability and low operating and maintenance costs. Cross Wrap also deliveries CW Wire Cutters for waste handling systems and operations where there is only a need for bale wire cutting.

The advantages of Cross Wrap Bale Opener waste handling machinery for waste-to-energy:

  • Automate your bale opening with film and tying material removal.
  • Run your operation flexibly with a system that can do both square and round bale opening.
  • Become more efficient with fast and reliable bale opening operation.
  • Keep your work simple with an easy-to-use interface and remote-control option.
  • Just leave it running – You can count on its robust and low maintenance structure.
  • Improve your material fraction by removing the wrap and ties from the bale content.
  • Choose a wire cutting solution if that is the only function needed.


Cross Wrap´s CW Dewiring machine automatically cuts and removes steel wires from all forms of non-wrapped recycled and waste material bales. This innovative bale dewiring method improves recycling plant safety, minimizes the need for manual operation, and guarantees a steady flow of high-quality recycled materials for processing without steel wire fragments.

To boost your operational efficiency and recycling rate even higher, the CW Dewiring machine coils the removed bale wires automatically into small, tight bundles that are easy to handle and to recycle. The CW Dewiring machine’s additional features are customizable in-feed and out-feed conveyors, and the machine can dewire multiple bale sizes with various materials and ties.

“The CW Dewiring machine was nominated for the prestigious Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2020 for CW Dewiring machine in the Recycling Plant Machinery Innovation of the Year category.”

The advantages of Cross Wrap Dewiring machine:

  • Increase your operating safety with automating bale dewiring.
  • Lower your operational costs with the fully automatic dewiring operation.
  • Improve your recycled material quality with efficient and automatic bale wire removal.
  • Handle your bales and removed bale wires more efficiently.
  • Count on the pro – built by professionals for professionals.
  • Lower your recycling line maintenance costs with smart bale Dewiring with unmatched reliability.


“By using the CW bale opener, our RDF feeding process was simplified, offering more time for general system maintenance and fuel stock management, and optimizing alternative fuel logistics.”

– Mr. Hernán Chantiri, InterCement project leader


Cross Wrap manufactured automatic CW Wire Cutter machines are engineered for operations where there is no need for automatic bale wire removing. These efficient and automatic wire cutter machines are easy to retrofit and install on any existing waste handling systems and lines. The innovative machines are designed to help recyclers and waste material processors automate their operations, boosting production rates while guaranteeing steady material flow. The CW Wire Cutters improve workplace safety and help to lower labor and machine operating costs.

The automatic and industrial-grade CW Wire Cutters are available with three different models to suit each wire cutting need the best way possible.

CW Wire Cutter models:

  • CW Rotary Cuter (RC)
  • CW Linear Cutter (LC)
  • CW Cross Cutter (XC)

CW Dewiring Machine reference: Wellmann International Verdun Plant, France

The Cross Wrap Bale Opener helps to achieve the required alternative fuel process quality and consistency with ease and also offers more time and efficiency through its automatic operation.

–  Mr. Hernán Chantiri, InterCement project leader.


Fully automatic and built to last – all Cross Wrap engineered, and manufactured waste handling machines ensure high-capacity processing of recycled and waste-based materials while also improving employee and recycling plant safety.

Cross Wrap waste handling machinery:

  • CW 2200 Bale Wrapper
  • CW Direct Bale Wrapper
  • CW 3600 Bale Opener
  • CW Dewiring Machine
  • CW Wire Cutters

All our waste handling solutions and machine innovations have their origins in our customer’s needs. Our best reference is a large number of satisfied customers. Waste handling professionals globally include Cross Wrap machinery as a part of their choice of high-quality waste handling machinery to increase their operational safety and efficiency.

Read more about our global references and join those who have chosen the smarter way for waste handling. We welcome you aboard the industry-leading group of Cross Wrap’s customers around the world!

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