Bale, wrap and ship

Bale, wrap and ship

CW Direct
Baled and wrapped high-quality RDF bales waiting to be exported.
CW 2200 Bale Wrapper
McGrath bale loading to ship

Cross Wrap Ltd manufactures automatic bale wrappers and Bale Openers. Based in Finland, we have customers in 55 countries.

The Cross Wrap story began in 1993 when Kalle Kivelä produced an innovation in the form of the  original Crosswrap method that guarantees that products arrive with their recipients in good shape and unharmed after multiple handlings and demanding transportation.

The company was started in 1994 by the Kivelä family and a local venture capital company. The first machines were delivered and tested with various materials. Currently, the company have delivered more than 500 Bale Wrappers and Bale Openers operating with various materials in different conditions,  temperatures and surroundings from the icy Svalbard Islands to the hottest areas of Sudan, Hawaii and Mexico. Some 70 Bale Wrappers are  operating in the UK and Ireland. The original Crosswrapping method was patented globally and  other patents, for new innovations, have followed — such as for the CW Direct Wrapper, where the wrapping takes place without any ties or wires.

The company specializes in manufacturing Bale Wrappers for various waste-based materials, whenever they need to be transported or stored. The need for high quality and economical wrappers has increased, because more and more waste-based fuels like RDF and SRF are transported for Waste to Energy plants and cement kilns all around the world. When RDF and SRF bales are exported, they need to be wrapped well with good quality film because they need to stand up to multiple loadings and temporary storage. The baling and wrapping provides a rapid, economical and environmentally safe way to ship the waste to be stored in wrapped bales with no odors or leakage. The CW Direct Wrapper wraps bales directly from a chamber of a two ram baler with no ties or wires needed — only the wrap that ties and covers the bales. It is also possible to add a wire tier to the Direct Wrapper so that customers can use only the wire tier for materials that do not need the wrap.

After wrapped bales arrive with  the recipient, they have to be safely and economically opened. For this purpose, the company developed the CW Bale Opener to remove the wrap and the bale wires and separate them from the baled material. The CW Dewiring Units offer economically competitive, efficient and reliable solution to dewire unwrapped process industry material bales like cellulose and cardboard bales.

The importance of the new Circular Economy needs highly efficient, economical and environmentally safe packaging to transport, store and handle the growing material streams. As these materials travel globally to find their place for utilization and production, they need the proven logistic solutions which Cross Wrap machinery can provide.

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