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UK's first Cross Wrap Direct Wrapper

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Cross Wrap has currently over 65 waste bale wrappers operating in the market and is seeking significant growth in the coming years.

In their quest to efficiently process various waste streams for their current European RDF and SRF customers, Shows Waste Management has completed the purchase of a Cross Wrap direct wrapper. Being the first of its kind in the whole of the UK, the direct wrapper purchase was organized and arranged by Blue Central.

Dean Barker, Cross Wrap’s former Operations Manager in the UK and Ireland, says the Shows Waste Management project has been an excellent example of Cross Wrap’s ability to develop products that meet the current waste management industry requirements.

“As the world leader in manufacturing automatic wrapping machines and bale openers for the waste industry, Cross Wrap wants to keep a close eye on the evolving customer needs. The direct wrapper is one of our latest achievements, and, with an eye to the future, we continuously develop our offering to stay on top of things.”

Warren Steele, Managing Director at Shows Waste Management and Resource Sustainability Projects, says that the company was looking for a solution that could improve efficiency while reducing the costs across the RDF production process. Understanding the business and its objectives are important in putting together a solution that is able to deliver over the long term.

Direct wrapper to increase production and decrease operational costs

“Shows Waste Management chose the direct wrap system from Cross Wrap to increase production and decrease operational costs. This has been achieved by eliminating the bale strapping process. The direct wrap system works in an integrated process with our baler and provides a consistent flow of processed and wrapped waste ready for the export market. The support shown by representatives of Cross Wrap both in the UK and Finland has been phenomenal.”

Dean Barker hopes that Shows Waste Management’s inaugural direct wrapper purchase will contribute to other UK companies following suit and starting to take advantage of the available benefits. Cross Wrap currently has over 65 waste bale wrappers operating in the market and is seeking significant growth in the coming years.

“We certainly believe that Cross Wrap’s direct wrapper can remarkably improve the operational efficiency for waste management companies. Cross Wrap’s direct wrapper is fully automatic –designed for twin ram balers, wrapping the waste directly from the bale chambers. This substantially reduces the amount of litter, making the overall process a lot cleaner,” says Barker. “Utilizing the revolutionary, patented Cross Wrap technology, no ties are involved for the best possible cost-efficiency and operating convenience, even with the most challenging and sensitive materials. In general, baling and wrapping is a growing trend in global waste management. With the UK and Ireland as one of the most advanced market areas in this field, we trust that innovative solutions such as this will be well received.”


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