Perfectly Cross Wrap protected plywood for export since 2007

Uruply_3_CW board packaging in action
Uruply_2_Crosswrapped board for exporting
Uruply_4_CW board packaging doing vertical wrapping


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– The automatic Cross Wrap system does very efficient packaging with good product presentation and offers perfect protection to the boards for our export, says Mr. Claudio Brasesco the Maintenance Manager for Uruply S.A. Tacuarembó mill.


Uruguay based plywood manufacturer Uruply S.A. has been a Cross Wrap customer from the year 2007 when the company acquired an automatic CW Board Packaging Line. The Cross Wrap line was purchased to automate the packaging process for the company´s export plywood made from their own reforestation timber species such as taeda pine and elliotis, eucalyptus grandis.

The Tacuarembó located plywood mill operates in 3 shifts and produces under the brand Lumin roughly 265,000 m³ of high-quality plywood every year. 95 % of all the plywood goes to exports, and only 5 % goes to the local market. The high export percentage requires an effective method to package the end products, which the Cross Wrap packaging line does all automatically. Also, the all-sides wrapped protection helps to maintain product quality thru the export transport conditions and secures the plywood from the elements and moisture even if the wrapped packages need to be stored outside at some point in their journey to the end customer.

– The automatic Cross Wrap system does very efficient packaging with good product presentation and offers perfect protection to the boards for our export, says Mr. Claudio Brasesco the Maintenance Manager for Uruply S.A. Tacuarembó mill.


Uruply S.A. export customers are mainly located in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and South America so the plywood boards need to have sufficient protection even for very long transport journeys and overseas shipping.

– The Cross Wrapped packages are easy to handle and to store. The wrapping offers a durable package that brings us many benefits over the more traditional packaging methods. These benefits are a stronger and waterproof package, easy to recycle packaging materials, good looking package, and the fact that there are fewer transport damages to the products, Mr. Brasesco explains.

Tacuarembó plant uses the Cross Wrap machine to wrap board stacks that are 1.22 meters wide, 2.44 meters long, and 0.80 meters high. The line capacity in the plant is about 18 to 20 packages per hour. The plant runs the line with only package size, Also, the capacity can be adjusted to suit changing production line speeds.


Today after over 13 years of constant running with the Cross Wrap Packaging Line at Uruply the customer can say that the machine has proven to be very reliable and efficient. The wrapping operation has had minimal downtime and the machine operation and maintenance have been easily done with the mill’s own operators and maintenance sector workers.

The Uruply mill reserves only 8 hours in a week for simple machine maintenance, which means very little downtime for the line – This line works 6 days a week, eventually, some additional shift runs on Sunday, depending on sales or committed shippings.  The maintenance uptime goal for this line has been set at 97%, but normally by the end of every single month, it is reached or lightly overpassed.

The quality of the components assures the mill a very high-level operational security with maximum efficiency.


Cross Wrap has delivered responsive and flexible customer service and maintenance to its customers. This service operation is a very important matter in big operations such as Uruply´s plywood manufacturing process.

– We see that machine price and quality are important, as important is good after-sales service and technical support (On-Site or remote) so that we can be assured of reliable machine operation even if the machine manufacturer is thousands of kilometers away and in a different time zone, Mr. Brasesco says.

Today Cross Wrap after-sales and service operation have possibilities to remotely view the machine to make updates, analyze how the machine is working, and even change the packaging line program since the machine is equipped with a 3G, LAN, or WLAN modem

The machine delivered to Uruply in 2007 is a good example of the quality and longevity of any Cross Wrap machine. The reliability in operation together with the machine efficiency and the wrapping solution benefits offer Cross Wrap customers an exceptional competitive advantage and cost savings combined with improved quality.


  • Company: Uruply S.A.
  • Location: Tacuarembó, Uruguay
  • Material: Plywood
  • Machine capacity: 18 to 20 packages / hour
  • Plant capacity: 265,000 m³ / year
  • Package size: 1.22 m x 2.44 m x 0.80 m (width x length x height)
  • CW Machine: CW Board Packaging Line, CM 2500

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