New Cross Wrap reference video: Wrapping waste bales at Osson

Waste Bale Wrapping at Osson


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Check out how our CW Bale Wrapper operates at our customer Osson’s site in Italy!

The CW 2200 Bale Wrapper is an industry standard solution for material packaging. Waste management sites globally utilize this solution while storing, handling and transporting waste materials, MSW, RDF, SRF or even hazardous waste. The solution that is scalable to your operational needs. The fully automatic machine improves your production, storage and transportation efficiency. Ask about our smart bale wrapping solution for your waste management operations!

Contact us to learn more about the CW Bale Wrapper:

Italy Sales Consultant Paolo DeCampo

Tel. +39 366 628 2192

Italy Sales Manager Mari Hämäläinen

Tel. +358 40 562 8330



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