Cross Wrap Webinar Recording now available – Bale Wrapping – Benefits and Applications

Cross Wrap Webinar - Bale Wrapping - Benefits and Applications


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Bale Wrapping – Benefits and Applications – Webinar

The 1st Cross Wrap Webinar for the year 2022 answers what are the benefits and applications of Cross Wrap bale wrapping. The webinar was hosted by Cross Wrap Sales Managers Mr. Eetu Laatikainen and Mr. Ville-Pekka Parkkinen. The webinar collected dozens of attendees from all around the globe.

The webinar presented the world-leading Cross Wrap bale wrapping solution and its different applications.

The webinar introduced the following themes :

  • Introducing the benefits of cubical bales – Why industries have chosen the cubical bale form?
  • How to export alternative fuels most efficiently? – operational benefits from wrapping bales
  • Dry landfill concept – How to build a cost-efficient dry landfill operation with wrapped bales?
  • Special material bale wrapping – Mineral fibers – Recycling reject materials – plastics
  • Mobile baling and wrapping solutions – Cross Wrap project examples and possibilities

Click here to read more about the solutions behind the Crosswrapped bales

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