See the video made by Plyterra – Customer feedback about CW Board Packaging Machine

Customer feedback about CW Board Packaging Machine


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Customer feedback about CW Board Packaging Machine – see the video by Plyterra

Cross Wrap is honored about this amazing video made by our dear customer Plyterra, showing the CW Board Packaging Machine in full action! CW Board Packaging Machine benefits are so well presented in this video that we say no more.

Check out the video and see how Plyterra has upgraded its operations with a CW Board Packaging Machine to keep the promise of supplying high-quality plywood in a durable, high-quality package.

Once again, thanks to Plyterra for creating this great video. We are happy that the CW Board Packaging machine is matching their high-quality standards and that we can add value to your process.

When you want to hear more about Cross Wrap Board Packaging Machine, please download the brochure below here or leave a contact request.

The whole Cross Wrap team is ready to make your operation more efficient, productive, safe, and sustainable!

Cross Wrap Board Packaging line in 3D

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