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A mobile solution for artificial mineral fiber baling and wrapping


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I see this as a good business model for many waste handling companies who want to move their operations closer to their customers, and with improved efficiency, Mr. Eetu Laatikainen, Sales Manager of Cross Wrap.

Germany based Europress-Umwelttechnik GmbH provided their customer with a unique mobile baling and wrapping unit with Cross Wrap Direct Bale Wrapper to bale and wrap artificial mineral fiber. This autonomously moving tracked mobile baling and wrapping machine is specially made for processing used insulation material.  The 120 tons weighing machine has a negative pressure or active suction system to provide low emission and safe operation when compacting and wrapping harmful materials, but it can be used for compacting a variety of materials.

This ingenious system replaces the old way of handling artificial mineral fiber at the customer’s landfill. Before the material was unloaded in the designated landfill area, covered with suitable material, and then compacted by driving over it. The new mobile baling and wrapping solution has helped the compaction of the materials vastly as the compaction is now four times more efficient than what it was before. The produced tight and wrapped bales are 1100 mm x 1100 mm x 1400 mm in size and weigh in between 1,2 to 1,6 tons.


The mobile baling and wrapping system has an automated process that starts when the bags filled with the mineral fiber are loaded into the machine’s feed hopper. From there the material goes through an airlock system into the pressing chamber of the Europress twin ram baler, which compacts the material with 210-ton pressing force into a cubical bale. Then the pressed bale is pushed directly to the Cross Wrap Direct Bale Wrapping machine, which wraps the bale from all six sides tightly and without the need for baling wire. The wrapped bale then leaves the machine through another efficient airlock and ends up on a Cross Wrap engineered conveyor from where it can be safely be taken to its secured end location.

The wrapped and baled material is very efficient to store on-site and it secures the harmful material inside a protective film layer. This operation benefits both the environment and operational efficiency.

– We are happy to hear that there is a rising interest in mobile baling and wrapping solutions, that enable waste handling companies and landfills to operate more efficiently and to maximize their site and operations capacities, Mr. Eetu Laatikainen, Sales Manager of Cross Wrap describes the Europress and Cross Wrap mobile wrapping machine.


This mobile baling and wrapping unit has special features that are first of their kind such as negative pressure or an active suction system to cover the entire baling and wrapping cycle for the material. This air cleaning system has a multistage filtration system H14, with a filtration separation efficiency of more than 99,995%. This system ensures that no harmful fibers are emitted into the surrounding air.

Another special feature is the machine’s movable structure, which is done possible by installing it on a Caterpillar tracked chassis. This enables it to be driven across the working site to wherever the required location for the operation might be. The whole machine takes up space of 12,500 mm x 11,400 mm x 6,700 mm and weighs approximately 120 tons.

Both features make this a one-of-a-kind baling and wrapping unit and the first one of its kind in Germany. The machine offers a low-emission and efficient way of handling harmful materials, and it helps to ensure efficient material transportation and safe disposal of waste.

– Although this machine is used on a specific landfill site, we see many possibilities on how to use similar machines in operations, that might need an even broader area of operation. The mobile construction of the machine supports the ease of the unit’s transportation and fast operation startups. For these reasons, I see this as a good business model for many waste handling companies who want to move their operations closer to their customers, and with improved efficiency, Mr. Laatikainen explains.


– As this mobile baling and wrapping machine has its features engineered for dusty and harmful material compaction it can still be used to compact many kinds of less harmful waste materials. The versatility comes from the use of Cross Wrap Direct Wrapper, which can be equipped with optional wire tying for creating bales out of materials that do not necessarily need the protective film layer. With this option the baling and wrapping unit can be used for changing purposes and with changing materials with the ease of pushing just a few buttons, Mr. Laatikainen sums up.

Cross Wrap Direct Wrapper is available for all twin ram balers and it has been adopted by many industries with various baled materials. It is a great solution for mobile installations where the baled and wrapped material especially favors the simple wrapping operation and where it is beneficial to have a tight bale without baling wires. The Direct Wrapper benefits also wrapping processes where the baled material has a small particle size such as SRF. The wrappers compact and straight from the baler chamber attached structure has minimal littering and its short module length promotes for compact overall installation size, perfect for mobile solutions.

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