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Chinese environmental engineering and cement manufacturing company Huaxin needed to find an efficient solution for handling RDF between two of their company operating locations. To solve this need they introduced a baling and wrapping line for packaging RDF material, and an automatic bale opener for opening the wrapped bales. A Cross Wrap Direct wrapper was their choice to be paired with Chinese two-ram baler Jewel and a Cross Wrap Bale Opener for opening the bales.

– This was a totally new operating model for our customer Huaxin. They needed to arrange a model where they could reduce RDF-material transportation costs between two of their sites. The baling and wrapping operation offers them many advantages compared to loose material transport, such as improved load efficiency with no littering or odor problems, Mr. Gary Hu, Cross Wrap´s China sales operator explains.

As the company needed to transport the material for over 200 kilometers, the introduction of baling and wrapping cubical bales was the most efficient packaging method. The cubical bales are possible to bale and wrap with higher density and with heavier weight, and also to transport tighter and more efficiently compared to loose material or even with round bales.


The company´s use of RDF as an alternative fuel source for making the cement is dependable on high fuel material quality and a steady operation throughout the whole process. These factors favor a high-quality baling and wrapping process. Also, the fact that Cross Wrap Direct Bale Wrapper wraps the bales without ties or need for any metal bale wires simplified their RDF bale structure and the finished package.

– As the cement kiln delicate fueling system doesn´t like metal wires to end up in the fuel infeed, where they may obstruct the fuel flow and cause havoc, the company wanted to get a simple package without any wires. For this the CW Direct Wrapper was a unique and high performing wrapping machine that offered them the advantage to create a perfect package, Mr. Hu says.


In addition to the basic CW Direct Wrapping the company also opted for a special CW netting which helps to create even tighter wrapped bale with CW Direct. This netting unit improves bale density and is especially good when the baled material is consisting of some variable size particles or sharp objects. The netting unit lays the net on to the bale horizontally and gets it sandwiched between the wrapping film layers. This way the net gets removed from the bale simultaneously with the wrapping film.

– When compared to the traditional round bales, where the net is used under the film layer, the CW Direct Wrapper can offer a denser and simpler bale structure. Many times, if round bales were to be opened the film layer is removed first and the net is still attached to the surface of the bale. In our case, when using the CW Direct Wrapper, both wrapping materials are infused together so they can be easily removed with one go, Mr. Heikki Jyrkinen, sales director of Cross Wrap describes.

The optional netting also helps to minimize the use of wrapping film, so it helps to bring down consumables’ costs. This option is newly introduced to the Cross Wrap option portfolio, but it can easily be retrofitted to any existing CW wrapping machine.

– We are happy to see these straight customer benefits that our engineering can put to the table. The customers and their operational needs are what drive us to explore new techniques and solutions, such as this netting unit. It is good to hear that innovations like this are bringing more benefits for our customers, Mr. Jyrkinen continues.


Huaxin Environment Engineering also acquired a CW 3600 Bale Opener to its Yichang located cement kiln. This automatic bale opener was the perfect choice for opening Crosswrapped bales as the machine opens and removes the wrapping film away from the baled material. This full-cycle alternative fuel packaging process done with Cross Wrap machinery helped the company to optimize its fuel packaging, storing, transport, and infeed processes.

The other benefit from the CW 3600 Bale Opener was that the machine is fully automatic and that it helps to run the cement kiln with high capacity alternative fuel infeed and with steady and uniform material quality and fracture.

– It was crucial for Huaxin´s operation to utilize the benefits from wrapping, and to do so with Cross Wrap machinery. Now they have a simple and strong package, which they can produce and open automatically and with high efficiency. The customer seems to be very positive regarding this new operating model and machinery, and they are already thinking of implementing it to their other sites as well, Mr. Hu rejoices.

– Our company Cross Wrap and our products are quite a newcomer in the Chinese alternative fuel sector, but as we have over 26 years of experience in the waste industry, we think that we can definitely help the Chinese customer base to improve their fuel handling processes – now and in the future, Mr. Jyrkinen finishes.


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