Industry 4.0 in Italy

Get -40% from any Cross Wrap machine, Italian example.


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The “Industrial 4.0” focuses on facilitating the investment in technologies enabling innovation and development in Italy. Cross Wrap machines present all core values of the “industrial 4.0,” such as innovation, automatization, and sustainability. See below all CW machines adapted to the funding. Many other countries have a similar kind of funding available that Cross Wrap machines can be applied.

For example, when talking about the Dewiring machine to cut, separate and coil the wires of any bale (plastic, cardboard, alternative fuel, or biomass), the payback of the investment is about one year with the “Industrial 4.0”.  Also, the price is the best in the market when considering the world-leading CW wrapping machines 2200 or Direct for SRF or RDF purchased with the funding. Fill in the form below to receive a detailed Capex calculation for your Dewiring or a special summer 2021 campaign price for your bale wrapper. The prices don’t get lower than this because we know the cost of metal and components is rising throughout various industries.

Industrial 4.0 for Cross Wrap machines

Machine PLC Remote access device Availability  to apply to industrial 4.0
Bale Wrapper CW2200 Siemens S7 1500 As standard since 2013 yes
Bale Wrapper Direct Siemens S7 1500 As standard since 2013 yes
Bale Dewiring Siemens S7 1500 As standard since 2013 yes
Bale Opener Siemens S7 1500 As standard since 2013 yes
Board Packaging Siemens S7 1500 As standard since 2013 yes


Direct description of “industrial 4.0” funding I am referring to is “industrial 4.0 -company 4.0 Facilitation for innovation and development of enabling technologies” (“industria 4.0 -impresa 4.0 Agevolazione per l’innovazione e lo sviluppo di tecnologie abilitanti”.)  The intelligence of all Cross Wrap machines enables the “Industrial 4.0” utilization to our customer’s benefit. Due to the continued and devoted product development, CW machines use the newest PLC of Siemens; that is one of the essential technical requirements for the Industrial 4.0 funding. Another requirement is the remote access device that has been a standard component since 2013 in all CW machines.

Three technical points to have your Cross Wrap machine with Industrial 4.0

1.       Remote access Standard with all machines Tosibox
2.       PLC Standard with all machines Siemens S7 1500
3.       Additional signal exchange Option to all machines Gateway, Profinet, Profibus, Mobibus


We have done several projects where our customers have utilized the “Industrial 4.0” to their benefit during past years. We have excellent experience and cooperation also with Italian leasing companies to help with the purchase. Simply put, Cross Wrap customers are getting a -40% discount on their Cross Wrap machine price in tax returns when utilizing the industrial 4.0.    

Let us assist you in making a profit and production with Cross Wrap solutions!


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