Cross Wrap improves safety

Cross Wrap improves safety

Plastic bales
PET Bale
Cross Wrap Dewiring Machine opening a recycled plastic bale
CW Dewiring
CW Dewiring Machine

Manual wire cutting causes severe accidents in all industries. CW Dewiring machine improves working safety because the wire removal is automatic and no manual actions are needed. The dewiring operation is also reliable in removing the wires effectively from the material. After the wires are cut and separated, the CW Dewiring coils them into a tight ball so that they are easy to handle for further processing.

CW Dewiring machine can be equipped with the in feeding and out feeding conveyors according to the customer needs. The controlled material handling before and after the dewiring increases cleanliness and the material loss is minimized. As the CW Dewiring is a safe, automatic and reliable way to unwire the bales, it improves the total efficiency and the production rate. Machines were delivered to the customers in the paper industry and in the plastic industry.

Cross Wrap Ltd. is the world leader in manufacturing automatic wrapping machines and bale openers for the waste industry, including RDF, SRF, MSW and recyclables. There are more than 500 machines delivered in 55 countries meaning 95, 000,000 wrapped bales. Cross Wrap´s unmatched experience serving the needs of customers across the globe, combined with our leading-edge patented technologies, means we can deliver solution that is right for your company’s unique challenges.

The Cross Wrap product range is including CW 2200 crosswrappers that are compatible with any balers and CW Direct Bale Wrappers that wrap the bale directly from the baler’s chamber – no ties or wires are needed. The process is clean, when the bales are cross wrapped straight from the bale chamber. Direct bale wrapping is suitable for any industrial materials and recyclables and it gives lower packaging costs and more production. The wrappers are also available as mobile units. Cross Wrap’s automated bale wrapping and bale opening machines are developed to make material handling safer, easier and cleaner.

We have more than 20 years’ experience and today Cross Wrap meet the needs of transportation, storage and handling of recyclable materials.

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