Meet Cross Wrap in the UK and USA next week

Meet Cross Wrap in the UK and USA next week


Next week marks the beginning of the Cross Wrap world tour 2022. Cross Wrap’s sales and management are travelling to the UK and the U.S. to meet customers and learn the latest industry news.

Plastics Recycling Conference, USA

Plastics Recycling Conference takes place in the Galyord National Resort & Convention Center near Washington, D.C. on March 7th—9th. Our Sales Managers Martta Kivelä and Bernardino Vazquez, as well as our Digital Development Director Laura Leskinen are meeting partners and customers on stand 327. They are eager to tell you everything about Cross Wrap’s top solution for plastic recycling, the DW Dewiring machine.

Read more on the event and book a meeting with our Sales Managers here.

Energy from Waste Conference, UK

During the same week, the UK market’s key team heads to London for Energy from Waste Conference on March 9th and 10th. The UK key team consists of Key Account Manager Anne Lentz, Chief Customer Officer Mirja Yli-Erkkilä and Aftersales Director Juha Nuutinen. They are joined by Cross Wrap’s CEO Jukka Pennanen and Tomi Saalasti from Cross Wrap’s owner Saalasti Group.

The CW Bale wrapper is the industry standard for waste and waste-to-energy industries. Our team is eager to meet our clients and partners and learn more about the current developments in UK’s waste-to-energy industry.

Read more on the event and contact the UK key team here.


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