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100% Recycled MG Paper from The Netherlands



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We saw the improvements for our process straight away when we started to use the CW Dewiring, Mr. Ruud Rijks the production coordinator for Papierfabriek.

Papierfabriek Doetinchem bv is a paper mill specialized in 100% recycled paper manufacturing. The company is in the eastern part of the Netherlands, near the German border and it produces over 70 000 metric tonnes of 100% lightweight (MG) papers per annum. These finished products can be used for a wide range of applications such as bags, napkins, masking paper, general packing single-faced corrugated boards, etc. All the company’s products are fully recyclable, 100% biodegradable, and certified as FSC®, PEFC™, and for safe food contact.

The company has more than 150 employees and it runs its operation 24/7. The vast majority of the Papierfabrieks production is exported globally to Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Papierfabriek Doetinchem bv promotes sustainability in everything that they do. Using 100% recycled material and choosing only the most efficient and sustainable technical solutions drives the company´s journey as a European high standard recycled paper producer. This commitment has guided the company to discover and to introduce solutions like the Cross Wrap Bale Dewiring.


Papierfabriek Doetinchem bv´s feedstock consists of about 15 different grades in industrial wastepaper, which are purchased within Europe, and sometimes overseas. From this feedstock, the mill has created its own recipes for pulping to create the needed pulp properties.

As the recycled paper feedstock consists of various sized paper and cardboard bales with changing tying, content, and density, the company needed a solution that can operate seamlessly with all these changing material characteristics. The CW Dewiring offered a solution, that enables to feed of the material to the process automatically without any need for manual bale wire cutting. The CW Dewiring machine automatically cuts, removes, and coils the bale wires away from the recycled paper, which improves operational safety and efficiency.

– We saw the improvements for our process straight away when we started to use the CW Dewiring. Now there is less work needed in stock preparation and the removed bale wires are much easier to store and handle after they are nicely coiled by the Dewiring machine, Mr. Ruud Rijks the production coordinator for Papierfabriek summarizes.


– Papierfabriek Doetinchem´s factory stock preparation and the pulping area had quite limited space, so there was not much room for installing large equipment. As the CW Dewiring machine had a modular structure and was highly customizable, the space restrictions were no problem when the machine was retrofitted to the mill, Mr. Rijks says.

The installed CW Dewiring machine was equipped with safety fences and with slide plate for the material feeding to the pulper. The CW Dewiring machine can also be equipped with helpful options such as a bale weighing unit, cameras, remote control, out-feeding conveyor, and light curtains, but these were not incorporated into this installation.

– We wanted to keep our investment as cost-effective as possible, so there was only the bare minimum of options chosen for the Dewiring. Despite this we gained huge benefits for our stock preparation and can now run our process with improved efficiency and especially with less manual work, Mr. Rijks explains.

– I can see that the recycled paper industry can benefit from these kinds of modern, high automation material handling solutions when upgrading their processes. The baling wire removing with automatic Dewiring is a step forward when optimizing paper recycling and paper mill operations and I can recommend it to any company out there, Mr. Rijks finishes.


  • Company: Papierfabriek Doetinchem BV
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Material: Recycled paper and cardboard
  • Output: ~ 70 000 metric tons per annum
  • Capacity: ~ 40 Bales / Hour
  • Bale Size: min. 700 x 700 x 1100 mm, max. 1400 x 1400 x 2500 mm
  • CW Machine: DW1400, Bale Dewiring Machine


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