The first CW webinar was a great success

The first CW webinar was a Great success

Cross Wrap Dewiring Machine opening a recycled plastic bale


The first CW webinar was a success

CW Dewiring – Operational Efficiency and Working Safety with Cost-Reducing Innovation Webinar hosted by Cross Wrap Sales Manager Ms. Martta Kivelä was a great success. The webinar collected over 60 attendees from over 25 countries. We at Cross Wrap are happy to be able to share our knowledge regarding Cross Wrap solutions such as CW Dewiring and we will continue on doing free webinars.

The first webinar held the 8th of April handled interesting Dewiring topics such as:

  • The innovation of the CW Bale Dewiring machine
  • Operational efficiency and benefits of automatic CW Dewiring

  • Increased safety aspects when using CW Dewiring 

  • The CW Dewiring references and nominations

  • Answers to the webinar attendees questions


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