Thoughts from the CEO: Resilience through collaboration

Resilience through collaboration


Dear Customers and Partners,

In my latest blog post, I wrote about redefining collaboration. Since that post, huge changes have taken place in global markets and politics. We are facing an era of uncertainty and a radical shift in ecosystems that have caused lack of components, export sanctions, and almost a chaotic price development in energy and steel prices. Looking at this development, it seems that what we called redefining one month ago is no longer valid.

What we need to do now is to cope with the situation. We trust that the future will bring a new normal. This new normal requires new ways of thinking about our processes, partnering, and lifetime availability of all investments. Ensuring smooth and reliable production and delivery is our top priority as always, but especially now as the global uncertainty has complicated many supply chains. Resilience is more important than ever.

Proactive collaboration brings resilience

Resilience and passion for new innovations help us to identify unknown potential and capacity bottlenecks that may become a source of new value. No one can be successful alone, and thus consistent development of partnering and collaboration is the key. What makes a collaboration good?

I would name three questions to be answered:

  • Who should be involved as parties and customers? Which skills and resources should they represent?
  • How committed are all parties? What resources are reserved and what investments required?
  • What should the rules be between collaborators. What is a scope and practical way of working? How is value shared?

These questions shall be covered right at the start to ensure joint success.

I have also faced the following inquiry several times: is exclusivity required for collaboration or are partners allowed to collaborate also with competition? The answer is openness – we believe in open collaboration. With openness, being attentive and flexible we can reach new values that benefit us all.  At best, it means that with joint analysis of data we could reach a new solution before a problem has even occurred.

“Sometimes it is unfortunate to see that after the initial investment, efforts to keep machines in shape are reactive and minimal.”

Future success is built on flexible co-operation and transparency. This way we can benefit from the know-how each party has and will bring on the table. And most of all, we should see all customers as part of open collaboration, as this way we start everything from real user environment.

The availability of machines is the most important factor in any industrial process. Based on the data we have gathered from several customer environments, we have understood that preventive actions in maintenance have a huge impact on availability. Sometimes it is unfortunate to see that after the initial investment, efforts to keep machines in shape are reactive and minimal. In these cases, the concrete challenge to be solved for collaborators would be that how we could together ensure necessary preventive measures.

To create more value and visibility, we are at Cross Wrap are currently developing a new data-driven service to open a window to our installed machines for our customers. The goal is to increase resilience and proactiveness, which means less down-time and lower costs over the machine’s lifetime. How could we help you to get most out of data and digital development?

“Resilience is more important than ever.”

Let’s be in touch

We will continue proactive work with our customers and partners for open collaboration. We want to involve you in development initiatives and encourage you to be in open dialog with us. We will create amazing things together.

At Your service,


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