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Zero-landfill solutions by Cross Wrap

Zero-landfill solutions by Cross Wrap


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Due to environmental responsibility and raising landfill fees, the paper industry needs to develop its technology towards zero landfilling. One of the usual material streams ending up in landfills from the recycled paper industry is the pulper reject. On many occasions, the plastics and other materials not belonging to the paper process are collected with “a ragger rope” from the pulper. The ragger rope has iron wires inside, the plastic twisted and melted around the wires. After the plastic has “melted” around the metal wires, it makes the rope challenging nearly impossible material to recycle and ends typically up to the landfill.

This is where Cross Wrap comes to the rescue. See chart:


chart. Boosting efficiency, safety, and profitability of paper recycling process with Cross Wrap solutionsClick the picture

Firstly, to avoid the wires going into the process, Cross Wrap offers the world’s smartest dewiring to automatically cut, separate, and coil the wires.

Secondly, once the pulper reject is without wires it can be baled and cross wrapped for efficient transportation and storage.

Thirdly we have the experience in baling and wrapping the recycled pulp as well. The CW Direct Wrapping machine is the ideal solution for recycled pulp because the material goes from chamber to chamber. Due to the direct method, the process is quick, clean, and productive.

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