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“The general cooperation with Cross Wrap during the project was very positive. The main reason we chose Cross Wrap Direct Wrapping for this project was the reliability and performance of the machine.”, The project director engineer Mr. Jose Risso.

Leading Edge waste management in Municipality of Rocha, Uruguay

The municipality of Rocha in Uruguay has opened a pioneer landfill operation emphasizing safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly waste management. The waste recycling plant of Rocha is also the biggest in the country. By processing 120 tons of municipal solid waste daily the recycling plant of Rocha enables the closure of the old open-air dumping sites of the area.

The project was to develop a dry landfill with wrapped bales instead of a traditional landfill with loose Municipal Solid Waste. With successful cooperation between Cross Wrap and the total plant supplier DEISA (Desarrollo de Equipos Industriales S.A.) from Argentina the plant was up and running by the end of 2020 autumn.

“The general cooperation with Cross Wrap during the project was very positive. The main reason we chose Cross Wrap Direct Wrapping for this project was the reliability and performance of the machine.”, The project director engineer Mr. Jose Risso comments.


Cross Wrap was honored to be chosen as the wrapping machine supplier for the project. The Cross Wrap Direct Wrapping machine of Rocha is the second CW machine in Uruguay. This project was the result of successful cooperation between Deisa and Cross Wrap. In Rocha, the square bales have high density and are wrapped directly six sides so that the bale is 100% hermetic.

By utilizing the CW Direct Wrapping method, the bales come directly from a twin-ram baler chamber to the wrapping chamber. This method enables the bales to be wrapped without ties or wires, which leads to cost savings, clean, fast, and fluent process.

The CW Direct Wrapping machine is designed for the challenging environment and materials of the waste industry. “Cross Wrap Direct Wrapping machine is easy and simple to operate. Also, the service and maintenance support has been very professional and good”, Mr. Risso comments after 4 months of operations.


A dry landfill is a sustainable option for traditional landfilling. The dry landfill is an innovative option to avoid all the risks and hazards traditional landfill poses for the environment, nature, nearby communities, and operators. The principal concept is to bale and wrap the material to be landfilled; instead of dumping the material as loose material to the site causing substantial environmental damages and safety hazards.

The major benefit of dry landfilling is cost and space reduction. The baled waste takes about 3 times less space in a dryland fill than the loose material in the traditional option. Also, much lighter equipment is required for the operation of the dry landfill since the bales are already done with high density and additional heavy-duty compactors are not needed. At the same time, the dry landfill does not require as much sand and gravel when in traditional landfill operation gravel is always a substantial consumable cost of daily operation.


The municipality of Rocha chose a responsible and safe waste management solution. Once the material is baled and wrapped the landfill´s daily operation is easier and extremely safer. The stable and robust landfill constructed of these high-density square bales makes the operations safe also in different weather conditions.

The traditional landfill can be affected by heavy rainfall, high-temperature heatwave, or other extreme weather. These changes in the climate may cause dangerous landslides, fires, and other safety hazards if the structure of the landfill and loose waste cannot cope with the changing environment.

Compared to the dry landfill the change of weather does not pose a similar threat to the operation. The risk of fire in a dry landfill is low because the material is wrapped in totally hermetic high-density bales without air gaps. The bales are also waterproof, so the structure is not damaged by rainfall either.


The operation of the Municipality of Rocha is also the most environmentally friendly way to operate a landfill. After the selection of recyclables, the rest of the municipal waste is baled and wrapped. Since the bales, a sealed the dangerous liquids do not end up in groundwater. By Cross Wrapping the materials that are to be dry landfilled they do not contaminate as traditional landfill does.

In summary, the municipality of Rocha has set a role model example of sustainable landfill operation. By operating a dry landfill, the municipality is avoiding all the traditional hazards and risks of normal landfill operation such as contamination, safety issues, fire, pest, and bad smell. Once the bales are wrapped there exists the chance to use the material as fuel if infrastructure enables such operation in the future.

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