Circular economy is part of Cross Wrap operations

Circular economy is part of Cross Wrap operations

CW 2200 Bale Wrapper
CW 2200 Bale Wrapper
McGrath bale loading to ship

The circular economy is part of Cross Wrap operations

The circular economy and the circular use of natural resources have been recognized as one of today’s most important things, that can help to fight against the global resource problems and pollution. In many ways, the circular economy concept helps to build our environment, and economies work greener and help to maintain our world better for the generations to come.

In the circular economy environment, waste management, resources management, and recyclable waste materials operations lie heavily on good logistical implementation. All materials (virgin and recycled) travel around the globe from their origins toward their end-user. Here optimal circular economy solutions keep the goods and raw material streams flowing with the least amount of energy needed.

Cross Wrap helps logistics

Cross Wrap´s solutions play a key part in many of the raw material and resource logistical chains. The Cross Wrap bale wrappers have now been in use for over 25 years in waste management, waste-to-energy, and recycling activities. There Cross Wrap bale wrapping has been established as one of the industry-standard operations to cover baled waste materials when they are handled, stored, or transported.

By cross wrapping the baled materials, you do not only protect the working surroundings and environment from the baled material, but you do maintain the material in a better and safer package for efficient usage, storing, and logistics. This is especially an important operation model in the Waste-to-Energy operations, where the wrapped materials are waste-based fuels such as RDF and SRF. The wrapping keeps the waste fuel material safely and effectively contained, and it also maintains the fuel’s calorific value better, when oxygen and moisture do not enter the baled and wrapped waste fuel and react with it. The wrapping even helps to secure the waste fuel from combusting and lowers the fire risks when storing.

Crosswrapping benefits shortlisted:

  • Improved logistics
  • Clean wrapping process
  • Automatic and simple operation
  • Helps to maintain better waste fuel calorific value
  • Lowered risk of fire
  • Cross Wrap is gentle to the bales
  • Bale shape maintains good during the wrapping
  • Wrapped bales are easy to store
  • Many traders and transporters prefer cubical cross wrapped bales

As explained above, the waste materials travel across the globe from the recycling and waste management companies to the waste-to-energy plants and end-users. By baling and wrapping the materials the logistics stay competitive and the circular economy aspects are maintained better, than with loose or only baled material.

Adding to the value

Today the waste and recycled materials have gained a recognized market pricing and there has been established an alternative fuel manufacturing business to replace landfilling and to help to fight pollution and climate change. The global businesses and governments have started to emphasize the legislation, rules, and operating models around the best practices in waste handling and in recycling operations. These actions have their set objectives to improve positive effects for the whole waste-to-energy industry, global environment and to diminish the use of natural resources, and to help to fight pollution. The wrapping has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways to improve operational effectiveness and to add to the waste fuel transport and storing operation value.

Cross Wrap constantly improves its machines and operating models to work towards sustainability and to help the circular economy to maintain and grow its logistical effectiveness. By choosing Cross Wrap you enhance your material handling operations and empower your staff to work with machinery that has been developed and evolved for over 25 years. By choosing Cross Wrap you not only choose the best possible wrapping machinery, but you also choose the smarter way of doing things and to promote the circular economy.

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