Cross Wrap launches new solutions at IFAT 2024

Cross Wrap launches new solutions at IFAT 2024


Join us at IFAT 2024 to experience the Cross Dewiring Machine firsthand.

Cross Wrap is your solution partner in solving challenges related to your material handling and recycling needs. In 2024 we are celebrating 30 years of industry expertise! We’ve always been about pushing boundaries to make your business flourish, and this time, we’ve done it again! We’re thrilled to showcase you our latest innovation: the Cross Dewiring Machine.

The machine eliminates the need for manual handling of bales, offering a seamless solution for material feeding. Whether you’re working with horizontal or cross-wired bales in paper or plastic recycling, our versatile design ensures compatibility to suit your operational requirements.

Beyond efficiency, safety remains a top priority. The Cross Dewiring Machine is engineered to enhance workplace safety while optimizing production processes.

Join us at IFAT 2024 exhibition to experience Cross Wrap’s Dewiring Machine firsthand.


Cross Wrap at IFAT

  • Where: Stand 353 in Hall B5, Munchen, Germany
  • When: May 13th-17th, 2024
  • Contact us: to set up a meeting at the exhibition!


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