Jukka Oksman

Engineer Director

Jukka Oksman, Engineering Director

“In Finnish working culture, it is important to adhere to the things that have been agreed upon.”

I’m the team leader of mechanical design and engineering. My responsibilities include product development and providing technical support for the sales team. Fun fact, I’m also the first employee in Cross Wrap´s history and I´ve been with the company since 1994!

My daily routines consist of communicating with the sales team members and supporting them in all technical matters during the sales process. I take part in machinery presentation meetings to answer any technical questions our customers may have.

How would you describe Cross Wrap as a company?

Cross Wrap is a Finnish organization with a long history and a success story. The company follows Finnish working culture principles – being honest to yourself and to others. Our employees are an experienced, innovative, and highly skillful team.

What are the most important benefits Cross Wrap´s customers get when buying Cross Wrap machinery?

Cross Wrap is a reliable partner. The company was established in Finland in 1994. In Finnish working culture, it is important to adhere to the things that have been agreed upon.

We have a long experience in manufacturing, which makes us experts in the paper, waste, board packaging and plastic industries. Cross Wraps machines are known around the world and the level of safety in our solutions is high. For example, in mechanical design the users’ safety is the most important design criteria.

What are your favorite things to do when not creating industry leading machinery and world-class customer experience?

I actively play floorball. It’s a sport that is mostly known in Scandinavian countries. It is an indoor racket game, inspired by ice hockey, street hockey and ice ball.  In the USA, this sport is called “floorhockey” and in Europe it is “floorball”. I play it in a team of friends, but we are not professionals. Floorball is a fast-paced and entertaining activity.

In a nutshell

Name: Jukka Oksman

Title: Engineering Director

Keywords for my work:  technical support, product development

Working with Cross Wrap since 1994

My message for CW customers: “We’re here to support you – ready to partner with you and answer any questions you have.”

My passions on my free time: Floorball

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