Martta Kivelä

Sales Manager

Martta Kivelä, Sales Manager

“Old saying: ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade.’ At Cross Wrap we say: ‘When a municipality gives you waste make alternative fuels.’”

I’m a Sales Manager and my market areas are Italy and North America. I’m also a part of the sales development group. My main responsibilities are to develop the market areas in Italy and North America, to contact clients and to sell all our solutions to paper, plastic, board, and waste industries.

I have been on board since the beginning, as my parents are the founders of Cross Wrap. I truly have followed Cross Wrap from the very beginning. I did my first exhibition in 2011 and after that I continued arranging exhibitions, doing some translating tasks and helping with marketing materials. After I finished university in England, I started working for Cross Wrap. Today I work full time in sales. I would like to add that I fluently speak several languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Finnish.

How would you describe Cross Wrap as a company?

Cross Wrap is an innovative company that gets its drive from customer needs and challenges. l would also describe Cross Wrap as a learning organization. We facilitate learning amongst our personnel to continually improve our capacity to respond to changing demands in the business environment. We are the world leader in our solutions, such as waste wrapping and dewiring.

What are the most important benefits Cross Wrap’s customers get when buying Cross Wrap machinery?

In my opinion, Cross Wrap machinery has several benefits that the company offers to its customers: automatic solutions, innovation, as well as safe and environmentally friendly, high-quality technology.

What are your favorite things to do when not creating industry leading machinery and world-class customer experience?

My free time can be summarized in two words: nature and animals. During the winter you can find me skiing in the mountains. In summer, I will be somewhere enjoying Finnish mountains, seaside or lakeside. Finnish nature is the number one place for me. Our nature is pure, untouched, and unique – it is hard to find something similar from anywhere else.

I like exploring new countries and new wonders of nature this planet has to offer. One of the most special places that I have recently visited is Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy. I like to explore impressive and diverse sights such as volcanos, waterfalls, different kinds of coasts and forests.

I also spend a lot of my free time with my Belgian shepherd dog. We do water rescue training together. I was a professional equestrian back in the day. I competed in show jumping on a national level for ten years. On some of my days off, I still love to spend time at the horse stable.

In a nutshell

Name: Martta Kivelä

Title: Sales Manager

Sales area: Italy, North America

Keywords for my work: Sales development, innovation

Working with Cross Wrap: Since the company was founded in 1994

My message for CW customers: “Increase profit, production and safety with Cross Wrap solutions.”

My passions on my free time: Nature and animals

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