Cross Wrap appoints a new CEO taking the lead from January 2022

Cross Wrap appoints a new CEO taking the lead from January 2022

Cross Wrap appoints a new CEO taking the lead from January 2022

During the past 27 years, Cross Wrap has grown from what they would today call an “innovative start-up company” to an industry-leading machine manufacturing and technology company. 

 The journey’s key for success is the innovations born from customers’ needs and cherishing the expertise of Cross Wrap professionals. 

 The co-founder and current CEO, Mrs. Satu Kivelä, will pass the company’s leadership starting from January 1st. 2022 to the new CEO, Mr. Jukka Pennanen. 

“During the last quarter of 2021, Mr. Jukka Pennanen joined Cross Wrap as COO. When working with him for the past months, I have seen his strong dedication to carry on the company’s journey and develop the next era of Cross Wrap”, tells Mrs. Satu Kivelä.

Cross Wrap thanks Satu Kivelä for the company’s determined leadership from day one until this day.  

“I have been privileged for 27 years of working in the frontline of the waste and recycling industry to see the massive development in a positive direction. Cross Wrap has grown from an idea to an industry-leading, globally operating company during these years. The thanks go out to all our customers and partners around the world. Of course, there would not be Cross Wrap without the devoted and highly professional team. I want to thank each person who has worked or is working in Cross Wrap”, Mrs. Satu Kivelä sums up.  

More about Mrs. Satu Kivelä’s thoughts are in her blog post. Click here to read the blog post.


Mr. Jukka Pennanen starts as a CEO on January 1st. 2022. The upcoming CEO joined Cross Wrap already in October 2021 as a Chief Operating Officer. For the last months of 2021, Mr. Jukka Pennanen has been preparing for his new role and is eager to continue developing the success story of Cross Wrap as a CEO from January 1st, 2022.


In his career, Mr. Pennanen has built a comprehensive leadership and business development expertise while working in international organizations like Nokia and KPA Unicon Group. 

“I feel excited and humbled to join the story of Cross Wrap. We will continue our path of the ongoing development of our products and service together with our partners and customers. Our main emphasis will be to ensure that we make our partners and customers succeed in their business”, says Mr. Jukka Pennanen, upcoming CEO of Cross Wrap.

More about Mr. Jukka Pennanen’s thoughts for the future is to be published in his first blog post in January 2022. 


More information and questions:

Mrs. Satu Kivelä

CEO (until 31st. Dec 2021)


Mr. Jukka Pennanen

COO (until 31st. Dec 2021)

CEO (from 1st. Jan 2022)






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