News from CW sponsored athlete Elisa Holopainen

News from Cross Wrap sponsored athlete Elisa Holopainen.


As the Finnish Women’s hockey season has been going for a while, we wanted to ask the latest news from our sponsored hockey player Ms. Elisa Holopainen. We are delighted to hear, that the season´s hockey games have gone great for Elisa and for her team KalPa Women’s Hockey Team.

– The Finnish Hockey league early series has started great for us, as we are now the second highest scoring team in the standing score board. I have also been well and with no injuries or illnesses. There have also been good personal results for me, so the start for the season has gone as planned, Elisa tells.

– Also, the tournament with the Finnish Women’s national hockey team have started great. In August we played a tournament here in Finland and in November we had a tournament in Russia. Both tournaments went well, continues Elisa.

Elisa´s good news assures and predict a successful rest of the season, and Elisa hopes for nice games also in the future with KalPa and with The Finnish Women´s national Hockey team.

We at Cross Wrap are rooting Elisa for a double win for this season and wish her good luck and accurate shots for the upcoming hockey games!

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