Second Cross Wrap webinar recording is now available

Second Cross Wrap Webinar Recording is Now Available

CW 2200 Bale Wrapper


Second Cross Wrap Webinar Recording is Now Available

The second Cross Wrap Webinar handled Crosswrapped bales, and how they help to solve waste materials transport and storage needs. The webinar was hosted by Cross Wrap Sales Directors Mr. Kalle Kivelä and Mr. Heikki Jyrkinen. The webinar collected over 79 attendees from many countries.

This second webinar was held on the 29th of April and handled interesting  topics such as:

  • What materials are possible to wrap with Cross Wrap Machinery?
  • What are the advantages of wrapped bales with different materials?
  • How the wrapping is making the bale handling more efficient and safer?
  • The advantages when transporting the rectangular bales?
  • Why the Cross Wrapped bales are the most efficient and sustainable way of storage?
  • The end use of Crosswrapped bales?

Click below to watch the Crosswrapped bales webinar session recording!

Remember also to register for the next free CW Webinar that is coming on May 26th, 17:00 (GMT +03:00).


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