Siemens Unified HMI-operating panels used on new Cross Wrap Bale Wrappers starting from autumn 2022

Siemens Unified HMI-operating panels update on new Cross Wrap Bale Wrappers


HMI-operating panels used on Cross Wrap CW 2200 Bale Wrappers and CW Direct Bale Wrappers have been updated from Siemens Comfort panels to Siemens Unified Comfort panels.  

The first machines with new panels are in delivery in autumn 2022. The switch to Siemens Unified Comfort panels does not concern Cross Wrap customers with existing machines, and only affects new deliveries from autumn 2022 onwards.  

The panel size is still 12” inches, and all the functions of the panel remain the same. Operating the Siemens Unified Comfort panel touch screen is similar to modern commercial tablets. The touch screen accuracy is improved and does not require calibration, which was necessary for the old Siemens panels. The new panel looks slightly different and the new interface is easier to use.  

If you have questions regarding the screen update, please contact Automation Manager Kai Hakala,  

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