Improve your performance with Cross Wrap Lifecycle Services

Meet the Lifecycle services team!


Cross Wrap offers a wide range of maintenance and modernization solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly for years to come. Our lifecycle services are provided by trusted experts, who are available whenever you need transparent advice and clear solutions to keep your business moving. Meet the Cross Wrap Lifecycle Services team!

Cross Wrap has always focused on delivering high quality machinery and services to our customers, keeping customer satisfaction at the heart of our business.

We are thrilled to introduce our Lifecycle Services team, which focuses on improving customer experience in every step of the way. Our team has a local presence in Spain, France and Chile.

What does the Lifecycle Services team offer:


From the left: Service coordinator Sami Pääkkönen, Customer Relations Managers Hanne-Maria Kekäläinen and Sami Soininen, and spare parts professionals Wille Itkonen and Ami Rissanen

Team introductions

Customer relations managers

Our customers’ main point of contact are our Customer Relations Managers Hanne-Maria Kekäläinen and Sami Soininen. Hanne-Maria, also known as Hansku, is a skilled customer service professional and with a keen eye for completing projects with precision. Sami is the newest member of the Lifecycle Services, equipped with an engineering background and the freshest perspective on our various services.

Contact our Customer Relations Managers in all machine or maintenance related matters via

Service and spare parts

Service Coordinator Sami Pääkkönen travels for service and maintenance visits at our customer sites all over the world. Hopping between time zones, customer service and excellent Cross Wrap machine knowledge are Sami’s strengths.

When you’re in a need for spare parts for your Cross Wrap machine, Wille Itkonen and Ami Rissanen are your men for the job. They send your orders out quickly and efficiently and keep our spare parts warehouse in top shape.

Contact Wille on spare parts related enquiries via

Contact us

Contact our technical support via telephone and WhatsApp +358 444 33 33 33. We are happy to serve our customers on weekdays from 08:00 TO 20:00 and on Saturdays from 12:00 to 20:00 (CET + 1).

Get to know all of our lifecycle service packages here!

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