The story continues — Thoughts from the new CEO

The story continues — Thoughts from the new CEO

Dear Customers and Partners,

The story of Cross Wrap, which Satu and Kalle Kivelä have built for 27 years, continues. The story has involved a lot of decisiveness, innovation, and persistence (or “sisu” as we say in Finnish). I have taken the role of CEO from January onwards. With this role, I feel a positive responsibility and a wonderful obligation to take the story forward.

The past three months have been interesting, as I have familiarized myself with Cross Wrap and its culture, people, and business environment. Cross Wrap’s team is full of enthusiastic professionals, who will write the next pages of our story.

We continue our path as a family-owned company. The Saalasti family has a unique history that goes all the way back to 1945. This ownership gives us a solid ground to develop Cross Wrap’s story further. As the new CEO, this gives me confidence that our owner supports us with a big heart and a long perspective.

“Cross Wrap’s team is full of enthusiastic professionals, who will write the next pages of our story.”

Redefining our collaboration

I believe in co-operation and joint efforts among all players in the industries. We are all aware of the pressure related to climate change, as well as the issues with circular economy and waste handling. The matter of the fact is that there is a gigantic load of work to be done.

At the same time, it is relieving that we can all make a significant impact, if we openly utilize our fields of expertise together. Combining this know-how, which we all have, creates a huge potential. This potential is not fully utilized yet. To do that, we shall increase co-innovation, share best practices, and combine knowledge, perhaps more than we are used to. I believe in a future, where all parties can collaborate more as networks. As a result, we can boost innovation and find new solutions.

We have identified four areas of our business, where we can contribute and share our potential for the common good and for our customers’ success. These cornerstones are:

  • Deep knowledge on wrapping and dewiring solutions, with a constant push for new innovations
  • Enthusiasm in automation with a “there are no limits” mindset
  • Goal to turn the masses of collected process data to an understanding that helps our customers’ business to succeed
  • Providing first class service for our customers in all the possible ways with localizated services and agile remote options

What are your cornerstones?

Let’s be in touch

I would like to call all of our customers and partners for action to create something together that makes a difference. At Cross Wrap, we are sharing and living our values of being attentive, innovative, and flexible. I promise that we continue living our values, and we will be proactively in contact with you. Let’s share openly what we can bring to the table.

We at Cross Wrap are innovators, problem-solvers, and engineers. Our customers’ biggest challenges are our greatest motivation. Together we can make a change!

At your service,




Jukka Pennanen


Tel. +358 44 200 8588


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