Machine functional analysis campaign: Improve CW machine usability with Tosibox and 6 month functional analysis program

Machine functional analysis campaign


Take advantage of our special December offer and purchase a service package including a Tosibox online modem and six months’ worth of functionality analyses!  

This tailored service package is directed to Cross Wrap customers who have purchased our machine but do not yet have a Tosibox modem. The modem offers a direct gateway to improve the machine’s performance and allows our customers to take advantage of our many helpful service programs. Tosibox is WiFi, ethernet or USB connective, enabling remote troubleshooting, functionality analyses, software upgrades, and audits.

The Tosibox modem is installation is easy and simple with our instructions. We ask that our customers contact us when beginning the Tosibox installation so that we can provide adequate support.

When purchasing this service package, you will receive the Tosibox modem, as well as six functionality analyses with comprehensive reports performed by Cross Wrap professionals. As a part of each montly analysis, we will remotely perform a check on the functionality of the machine, assess if there are any needs for proactive maintenance, analyze whether the machine use could be optimized, and produce a report on our findings. 

The campaign price for this service package is 2000,00€, standard price 4000,00€.

Contact us at to purchase this service package today!  

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