Automatic Cross Wrap board packaging has its benefits

Automatic Cross Wrap board packaging has its benefits

CW Board Packaging Line
Wrapped MDF boards in storage
MDF transport in Brazil

For all packaging needs

Getting the most out of automatic board packaging is easy with a fully automatic Cross Wrap board packaging line. The CW board packaging line´s fully automatic, all-electric operation gives the opportunity to pack different size board stacks all on the same line. The machine can run three main wrapping programs with three crosswise wrapping stages depending on the various packaging needs.

Save on time and money

CW board packaging line helps you save on labor costs and time because of its fully automatic operation. The machine´s operation wraps the board stacks with high precision and all automatically with no manual work needed. Savings come also from the use of only two different packaging materials, which both are fully recyclable. Not to mention savings that come from the machine’s easy maintenance and overall efficiency.

For efficient transporting

Crosswrapping your boards also weatherproof them from all sides and give the board stacks exceptionally strong package. This helps to keep storing damages at a minimum and offers many possibilities for efficient transporting. The wrapped board packages can be transported even on their side, which is not possible with normal strapping or hooding.

Many options to choose from

The Cross Wrap board packaging line can be equipped with an optional bottom skid feeding unit, automatic labeling, RFID reader, veneer pressing unit, weighing unit, remote control, automatic film watch, and adapters for 500 mm film rolls. All these options and the modular machine layout are easily adaptable to any existing or new board manufacturing line. Cross Wrap specialists will ensure you the easiest way of launching this modern and efficient packaging line in various manufacturing surroundings.

Specially engineered for board

Cross Wrap is known for manufacturing unique wrapping machines for over 25 years. This industry-proven wrapping solution has been specially engineered to work in the board packaging industry, where it boosts production, gives stronger package, weatherproofs the packed material, and offers more operational flexibility.

References around the world

Board Packaging Lines pack plywood, MDF, veneer, OSB, plasterboard in Brazil, Finland, Malaysia, Estonia, and Russia where they have been in use for many years. The latest next-generation upgraded CW Board Packaging Lines are commissioned in various Sveza´s plywood plants in Russia during spring 2019.

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