Circular economy is a part of Cross Wrap operations – PART II

Circular economy is a part of Cross Wrap operations – The benefits of CW bale wrapping

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Circular economy is a part of Cross Wrap operations – PART II

The benefits of CW bale wrapping

The Cross Wrap bale wrapping method was born over 25 years ago, from the need to find a simple and cost-effective way to wrap and protect cubical bales, that were baled with high output industrial baler.

After the first engineered Cross Wrap bale wrapping machines were delivered to customers, it came clear, that this wrapping solution would change the waste and recycling industry operating models for years to come.

From that time the Cross Wrap bale wrapping solution has become the most used method of packaging baled waste and waste-based fuels such as RDF and SRF. Today it has become an industry standard on how to cover and wrap baled waste materials, due to its effective and gentle wrapping operation.

Benefits from wrapping

From a circular economy point of view, the Cross Wrap bale wrapping has many benefits. It protects the environment, people, and animals from contacting the waste materials and it also maintains the wrapped material in a good condition by keeping any access moisture and oxygen from contacting it. By keeping the material isolated and covered, it also diminishes the risk for fire, because the wrapped waste material doesn’t create heat by self-combusting as loose material does.

The Cross Wrap bale wrapping creates benefits for material transporting. The wrapped bales don’t litter, and they have no odors, so they are easy and clean to transport with normal hauling lorries, by trains or by ship.

CW 2200 Bale Wrapper

The wrapped bales can be stored outside with no leakages or littering so the end-user can create flexible buffer storage, from where the material can be taken in use when needed. This also helps the material producers to stock the material if needed. A baled and wrapped material takes up also the least amount of space compared to loose material.

You can read more about Cross Wrap listed benefits from the previous blog. Click here.

Gentle but effective bale wrapping process

Cross Wrap bale wrapping machine wraps any rectangular bale or package from all six sides securely without turning the bale. The wrapping is done automatically as the bales are conveyed through the wrapping unit steadily by a belt conveyor. The bales stay on their bottom side throughout the whole line. This secure operation maintains the bale structure the best possible way and it also keeps the working premises as litter-free as possible.

This gentle but effective wrapping process helps to maintain the working facilities as litter-free as possible and it also helps to maintain good bale shape and doesn’t stress the bale while wrapping. These benefits promote a good operating model for bale wrapping and support also an economically viable and sustainable way of handling waste materials.

Cross Wrap wrapping process step by step:

  • Bale is conveyed (or it enters through the bale chamber) to the wrapping unit.
  • Bale is moved on its bottom side on a belt conveyor. -> No stress to the bale structure.
  • No unnecessary movements required. -> No stress to the bale with minimal littering.
  • Bale is wrapped fully in one position of the wrapping line. -> Short line length and simple structure.
  • A simple and effective process covers the bale with an optimal amount of wrapping film.
  • The Cross Wrap method places the wrapping film on the bale to spots where it needed the most.
  • The wrapped bale moves to the storage conveyor which is customizable to the customer needs.
  • All the above happens automatically and is tailored to specific customer needs.

Two models to choose from

Cross Wrap offers many options to create the best suitable wrapping line for each application. There are two Cross Wrap wrapper models, which differ by the way they deliver the bale to the wrapping unit. The CW 2200 Bale Wrapper is the most used bale wrapper in the waste business, and it is used together with over 25 different baler makes.

The other Cross Wrap wrapping machine is the CW Direct Bale Wrapper which wraps the bale directly from any two-ram-balers chamber. This unique wrapper can be paired with any two-ram-baler in the world and is unique by wrapping the bale without ties.  Despite of this, the direct wrapper can be also equipped with an additional strapping unit, which gives the opportunity to just tie the bales, when the baled material needs no protective wrapping.  The CW Direct wrapper creates the shortest possible wrapping line to be fitted in tight spaces because there is no need for a feeding conveyor or bale track.

Two Cross Wrap bale wrappers:

Engineered with no compromises

Both Cross Wrap bale wrappers have been developed with no compromises. The wrapping machines have been engineered for their users and focusing on the usability and ease of maintenance. The wrappers have many features and options, which all have lucrative properties and circular economy-boosting qualities.

Sonoco Alcore

We at Cross Wrap constantly improve and engineer our machines and operating models to help our customers to work as effectively as possible. Our main goal is to create machines, that shape industries to work more efficiently. By choosing Cross Wrap you do not only enhance your material handling, but you empower your staff to work with machinery, that has been developed and evolved for over 25 years. By choosing Cross Wrap you do not only choose the best possible machinery for the job, but you also choose the smarter way of doing things and the most effective way to stay ahead of the game.

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