Cross Wrap solutions for the modern paper industry – Part I

Cross Wrap solutions for the modern paper industry – Part I


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Cross Wrap creates benefits for the paper industry. Our many innovations are developed to best serve our customers’ needs, production lines, and industries. This two-part series on modern paper recycling solutions will showcase how Cross Wrap’s innovations can help to streamline and optimize paper recycling. In the first part of the series, the spotlight is on the applications of the CW Dewiring machine and the CW Wire Cutters.

Improving the old ways of working


Cross Wrap has innovated an alternative automatic solution for dewiring recycled paper and OCC bales.

Stock preparation operation in paper recycling has evolved a lot during the industry’s long history. Despite the evolution in machinery operation and automation, the basic raw material, recycled fiber, has stayed the same. In many cases, the recycled fibers are packaged, transported, and stored in baled form. Thus bale handling is an important part of the paper recycling process.

When Cross Wrap´s first customers in paper recycling asked for an alternative automatic solution to dewire recycled fiber and OCC bales, the need was resolved by engineering a totally new Cross Wrap Dewiring machine to serve this purpose. The origins of the CW Dewiring machine were born from customer needs, which have always been the starting point in all Cross Wrap engineered machines. The Dewiring machine’s roots derived from Cross Wrap´s unique Bale Opener invention, which now has dozens of global deliveries for different industries.

The CW Dewiring machine is a flexible, customizable, and compact machine, and  it suits well for retrofits and challenging spaces.

The first Cross Wrap Dewiring machine for the paper industry was installed in an OCC recycling core board mill Sonoco Alcore Karhula in 2016 and has since been in everyday use. The first machine resolved many stock preparation problems and helped the mill to increase its operational efficiency. By dewiring the OCC bales automatically the mill achieved a more stable material feeding to the pulper and gained more time for the bale loader operator to do other tasks simultaneously when the machine is running. Additionally, as the Dewiring machine removed the bale wires before they ended up in the pulper, the pulper now had more operational time. Less time was wasted on cleaning and removing the wires from the pulper.

automatic dewiring
Paper bale feeding with Dewiring at Sonoco mill

The automatic CW Dewiring operation has in many ways helped to modernize the existing systems and optimize the mill´s stock preparation process. For example, today the mills can receive income from the CW Dewiring coiled bale wires, as they are more suited for metal recycling than pulper reject and also easier to handle.

“Before we needed to pay to get rid of the uncoiled bale wires and emptying the pulper was a very labor-intensive operation. Today we get money back from the wire recycling and the pulper maintenance workload and costs have decreased significantly”, says Sonoco Alcore Karhula board mill factory operations manager Janne Ruoti.

Read the full Sonoco reference here. 

Both Sonoco Alcore and Papierfabriek Doetinchem use the CW Dewiring machine to remove bale wires automatically and safely before the recycled paper and cardboard move to the pulping process.

Automatic Bale Dewiring improves operational efficiency in paper recycling

Cross Wrap´s Dewiring solution was first introduced for paper recycling operations and it has since been growing as a go-to automatic bale wire removing solution also in the plastic recycling industry. These industries benefit from the CW Dewiring machine’s automatic operation, which increases operational safety and process efficiency and helps to cut back labor costs.

The CW Dewiring machine is an optimal solution for paper recycling operation and paper mill stock preparation. The machine helps to improve operational efficiency with automatic bale wire removal by reducing the need for manual work. The automatic machine helps to streamline bale feeding to the pulping process and the process improves from the fact that the metal wires can be removed before the pulping. Safety is also improved by doing the wire cutting and removing process completely automatically and without the need for manual work.

For the pulping process, there are also benefits stemming from automatic bale dewiring, but those depend much on the pulping operation used for the process. In many cases where the CW Dewiring machine has been installed, the benefits have arisen as the wire removing has been automated and the need for traditional ragger rope pulper cleaning is not needed anymore. The CW Dewiring solution is a flexible, customizable, and compact machine, and  it suits well for retrofits and challenging spaces.

Automatic Wire Cutters offer operational efficiency with minimal cost

To those paper recycling processes, where is no need for removing the metal wires or bale ties from the material stream, Cross Wrap offers automatic Wire Cutting machines. These innovative and fully automatic CW Wire Cutters are engineered to give exceptional operational efficiency with minimal operational costs. The three different Wire Cutter models help to build up or retrofit a specific wire cutting line for each need and processing line.

The CW Wire Cutter machines can help paper recyclers and processors to automate their operations, boosting production rates while guaranteeing steady high-quality material flow. The CW Wire Cutters also improve workplace safety and help to lower labor and machine operating costs.

The automatic and industrial-grade CW Wire Cutters are available with three different models to suit each wire cutting need the best way possible.

Watch how the CW Rotary Cutter (RC) opens recycled paper bales.

CW Wire Cutter models:
  • CW Rotary Cuter (RC)
  • CW Linear Cutter (LC)
  • CW Cross Cutter (XC)

Cross Wrap bale opening solutions help to streamline paper recycling

We at Cross Wrap have engineered machines that can provide a complete material handling solution to aid and improve paper recycling operation from A to Z. Our concept begins with recycled material infeed, which is improved with the CW Dewiring machine or the CW Wire Cutters. The handling of the derived material streams, such as pulper reject or pulp, is donw with the CW Bale Wrapping machines, and the final step, bale opening, is optimized with the CW Bale Opener. The CW Bale Wrappers and Bale Openers are further discussed in the second part of this blog.

The Cross Wrap solutions are carefully thought thru to boost operational efficiency, safety, and profitability of the paper recycling process and it is explained in the chart below:

Boosting efficiency, safety, and profitability of paper recycling process with Cross Wrap solutions.

Whether you are wondering how to maximize your paper recycling material handling capacity or how to bring down the operational-, logistics- or maintenance costs, you can simply start to use Cross Wrap solutions. This has been the way that many of our paper industry customers have gained the best results out of their operation.

We at Cross Wrap help you to incorporate the smartest methods in baled material handling. We are determined to offer you machinery that helps you to work smarter and with increased profit.

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