Cutting-edge PET recycling technology

Cross Wrap Bale Dewiring machine boosts operational efficiency and increases safety for plastic recycling processes like PET bottle recycling, rPET recycling process, or PET washing lines. The fully automatic CW Dewiring machine creates the opportunity for the plastic recycling industry to work smarter when it comes to bale dewiring.

CW DEWIRING – PET Recycling technology that improves safety and efficiency

Safe, efficient, and cost-effective – the industry standard.


Boosting the production rate


Savings with tightly coiled wires

3 continents

CW Dewiring machines are in operation

*Based on CW customer feedback.

Recognized globally by the plastic recycling industry

Cross Wrap’s patented CW Dewiring machine is recognized globally by the plastic recycling industry – CW Dewiring machines boost the PET recycling processes and plastic recycling plant operations worldwide. 

Replaces dangerous manual bale wire-cutting operations

The automatic Cross Wrap Bale Dewiring machine replaces the dangerous manual bale wire-cutting operations. The plastic recycling industry’s pioneers trust in the CW Dewiring machine; for example, globally operating Indorama, US-based CarbonLITE, and Swiss-based Poly Recycling have taken CW Dewiring machine as part of their PET recycling process.

Plastic recycling equipment manufacturers and suppliers of PET recycling equipment have recognized the importance of automatic bale dewiring. CW Dewiring machine is an excellent production booster for their PET recycling lines and PET washing lines. 


The CW Dewiring machine fulfills the needs of the plastics recycling process and makes the bale dewiring process safe and productive. The machine cuts and removes steel wires and plastic straps automatically from the rPET, HDPE, LDPE, or mixed plastic bales, with high reliability. The CW Dewiring machine coils the removed wires automatically into small, tight bundles for easy recycling.

The unique and industry-proven CW Dewiring machine is the number one choice of a modern plastic recycler. Cross Wrap Dewiring provides productivity and safety advantages for plastic recycling industries through complete automation of the bale dewiring and material infeed to pet recycling process and other plastic recycling processes.

CW Dewiring Machine reference: Wellmann International Verdun Plant, France

The huge benefits in improving safety are one of the most important factors when using these machines and hopefully, also other companies see this automatic dewiring safety improvement as a necessity for the future

– Mr. Fabrice Petit, Operations Director for Wellman Internationals Verdun plant.

CW Dewiring Machine reference: CarbonLITE, USA

Now that the machines are in operation and we are gaining all the positive effects from automatic CW Dewiring we are happy to implement this solution also on our third site at Reading

– Mr. Vijendra Siddhi, CarbonLITE´s vice president of engineering


Automatic CW Bale Dewiring benefits for plastic recycling process: 

  • Fully automatic Bale Dewiring process
  • Increased safety of the operation
  • Low labor costs due to the automated dewiring process
  • Tidy coiled wires – easy and profitable to recycle
  • The robust design – low maintenance cost & less downtime
  • Fast investment payback time
  • Efficient measuring and optimizing of the material infeed
  • Accurate dewiring process – increasing the value of the material
  • Accurate data of the whole material infeed process

Cross Wrap Dewiring machines come with a wireless Tosibox online connectivity that allows remote troubleshooting and software upgrades to ensure that the machine always performs at its best. The wireless Tosibox online connectivity supports WiFi, WLAN, LAN, 5G, 4G, and 3G mobile connections.

Cross Wrap always aims for the best customer and user experience in the industry. That’s why the CW Dewiring machine has plenty of customized options. Also, the layout is agile and customizable to match our customers’ needs.

Customized options for personalized user experience:

  • Reduced amount of bale loading time with a customizable feeding conveyor
  • Remote controller for operating the CW Bale Dewiring machine
  • Bale feeding surveillance with an optional camera system
  • Bale weighing option with in-frame scale
  • Conveyor for wire coils for high-capacity productions and smoother operations
  • Automatic closing door for in feeding bales to the Dewiring process
  • PVC curtain for an even cleaner process
  • Gateway coupler for integrating CW Dewiring to the plant operation system


Cross Wrap Dewiring helps maintain a steady flow of high-quality recycled materials for processing without bale wires.

The CW Dewiring machine safely cuts, removes and coils the bale wires

The CW Dewiring process makes the handling, storing, and recycling of the removed wires easy and efficient.

The automatic wire removal operation reduces the downtime and production line machinery wear. It also reduces the need for manual or magnetic metal removal in plastic recycling processes. For Cross Wrap customers, the CW Dewiring is an essential part of their PET recycling methods and a must-have bale dewiring solution among their PET recycling equipment. 


The CW Dewiring machine has the industry’s lowest operating cost and fastest investment payback time compared to traditional methods.

Cross Wrap Dewiring offers safe and effective operation for plastic material recycling, boosting production and enhancing overall efficiency while reducing labor costs. Cross Wrap Dewiring reduces landfill use by coiling the bale wires into an easily recyclable form. Cross Wrap Dewiring minimizes litter, thanks to automatically controlled in-feed and out-feed conveyors. 

How CW Dewiring lowers your operating costs: 

  • Fully automatic operation reduces the need for manual labor 
  • Optimal operating system with a low operating cost
  • Built to last machine construction with high reliability
  • Automatic Bale Dewiring minimizes the problems caused by the bale wires
  • Flexible solution that adjusts to your recycling line infeed speed 
  • Automatic wire coiling eases the wire handling

CW Dewiring Machine reference: Poly Recycling Ag, SWITZERLAND

“In our case, the CW Dewiring has been a cherry on top of our cake as we want to be among the first European PET recyclers who adopt the latest technical innovations. We want to boost working safety and production efficiency, and for now, we can certainly say that this has come true by choosing Cross Wrap Dewiring.” 

– Mr. Van Den Dungen, CEO of Poly Recycling AG


The Cross Wrap Dewiring machine layout is highly customizable. Each machine is customizable according to the customer’s needs. The machine layout, service platforms, operational sides, coverings, installation platform heights, electrification specifications, and conveyors suit each customer’s needs and installation space.

CW Dewiring machine is easy to install to any pet recycling or other plastic recycling line. The machine’s customizability makes it effortlessly integrate CW Dewiring into the already existing plastic process during the retrofitting of the plastic recycling line.


Cross Wrap Dewiring is a cutting-edge PET recycling technology; all our machines are engineered and manufactured in high-quality facilities in Finland, Europe.

Whether you are looking for a solution to increase your PET bottle recycling line’s efficiency and increase the plastic recycling plant’s working safety, CW Dewiring is the smartest and most innovative solution.

Look at our global references and join the group of plastic recyclers who have chosen the smarter and safer way of removing the wires from wire-tied bales. 

We welcome you aboard the industry-leading group of Cross Wrap’s customers around the world! 

CW Dewiring Machine reference: Wellmann International Verdun Plant, France

The huge benefits in improving safety are one of the most important factors when using these machines and hopefully, also other companies see this automatic dewiring safety improvement as a necessity for the future

– Mr. Fabrice Petit, Operations Director for Wellman Internationals Verdun plant.

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