RDF exports from the UK have risen dramatically since 2010

  • 22/01/2016

The new article from Link2Energy Ltd shows that Refuse-Derived Fuel (‘RDF’) exports from England have risen dramatically since 2010. This rise has been driven by improvements in waste processing and a demand for feedstock from Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities in Netherlands and Germany. According to this article, RDF exports have been proven to be a more commercially attractive option. Moreover, landfill seems to be the least-useful option, and responsible waste producers are moving towards recycling and reuse options. 

The RDF export market was created due to the above reasons. Subsequently, tonnages of RDF began to be moved overseas baled and wrapped. Since 2010, this export market has grown at an impressive rate year after year. We at Cross Wrap Ltd provide state-of-the art solutions for this increased demand of bale wrapping and bale opening solutions for the RDF logistics

What will happen to the RDF export market in the future and how will UK Energy from England be able to rival its overseas competition?  Before 2020, the export market is likely to remain steady, with annual volumes of between 2.5 m and 3 m tonnes. After 2020, far from marking the end of RDF exports, the market is likely to become more dynamic, as C&I waste producers and processors refuse to be tied into long-term contracts that limit their ability to respond to a fast-changing landscape.

For more details, read the whole article: RDF Exports To 2020 And Beyond (.pdf).