Puumies 03/2015: Cross Wrap - featured at Ligna 2015. Wraps goods tightly in weatherproof and strong packages

  • 14/04/2015

This year, Cross Wrap plans to increase the resources allocated for marketing its packaging machines in the global wood-based panels market.

"Customers in the wood industry are challenging in a good sense. In addition to panels, there is a lot of interest in sawmills and further-processed wood products made by the sawmill industry," says CEO Satu Kivelä. In May, the company attended the Ligna trade fair in Hannover, Germany.

Cross-wrapping wood-based panels with stretch film ensures that the packaging is weatherproof and strong, and protects the products from dirt, dust and the elements. The process protects even the bottom of the packaging. The packing line is automated and it can produce packages of various sizes depending on the material. It is also possible to insert a label between the wrapping layers; this can be printed on normal paper and is clearly visible through the transparent plastic.

Similarly, bottom skids for forklift handling are inserted automatically inside the wrapping. "A normal base board is on the bottom of the package. Bottom skids are inserted automatically under the pile of panels, which remain in place without straps," explains Kivelä. There is no need for corner covers as the package is not bound with straps.

The stretch film is made of polyethylene. One package produces less than a kilogram of plastic film waste, which can easily be either recycled or used for energy recovery.

"We have delivered our packaging lines to UPM and Metsä Wood plants in Finland and to leading board manufactures overseas, such as Weyerhaeuser in the USA, Arauco in Chile and Berneck in Brazil. The fruitful contact with Berneck was made at the 2013 Ligna fair in Hannover."

Cross Wrap's Sales Director Kalle Kivelä says that customers are very interested in the company's products and are making plans for the future. "There is a lot of potential in the market and we trust we will receive new orders this year."

This article was published in full in Finnish in the Puumies magazine 03/2015. See the appendix.